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A popular mortgage information website about the San Diego mortgage industry, called, has recently invited willing and able San Diego mortgage lenders and professionals for their opinions and ideas about the mortgage industry, to share to potential borrowers.

Serving as a guide to potential borrowers, is an information and resource website that talks about all things mortgage. Recently, the website has sent an invitation to any mortgage industry professionals who would like to help potential borrowers, by adding to their extensive collection of reports, tips, blog posts, and more. All of these elements can collectively help potential mortgage buyers, both locally in San Diego and those from other states, by sharing with them key information that would otherwise not be available to them.

With that, the website has begun publishing the insights and ideas given by the San Diego home mortgage professionals. Everything they share, from current trends to existing market conditions, to tips and guides on making the most out of a bought mortgage, give critical information to the reader. The latest to add to the website’s ever increasing pool of information is Felisa Schlosser of Prospect Mortgage.

To start, Felisa gave a fun and interesting introduction about herself, but immediately jumped in to the matter at hand, that is, providing information about the existing state of the market with regards to San Diego homes for sale. According to her, the market is experiencing “an all time high for home affordability,” giving reasons why today is a good time to buy in San Diego. She also indicated that there are obstacles present, in particular, that in the area of getting condo financing, and in addition to that, she gave some examples of the kinds of loans that are working for her clients.

Her insights add more to the website’s large collection of information. It also gave the website one more step to the end goal. The goal of providing the best possible mortgage information to any and all consumers.

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