Some Disadvantages Of Juniper Credit Cards

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The Juniper credit card is a common credit card brand for persons with good to poor credit. Juniper proposes a catalog of different types of credit cards as well as Visas through partnering providers.

In the year 2004 Juniper Bank was taken over by Barclays Bank during a large buy out. To impart some weight within the credit card industry a number of partnerships with other businesses was created to offer additional credit cards under the Juniper brand. The actual credit cards are not issued through Juniper but by these partnering businesses who promote their cards. A concise list of some of the credit card names are AER Lingus Rewards, Air Tran Airways, the Barnes and Noble card, Gold Crown card, and so forth.

Beneficial Keys About The Juniper Credit Card

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Like most bank credit cards there is an online feature that all customers are encouraged to use. Cardholders can open their account plus manage every part of of their financial wishes. There are a horde of features geared to aid card holders in handling their money. They can download their account statements, pay bills online, and monitor their spending by tracking every dollar spent.

The internet website as well makes it possible for customers to set up electronic message or text alerts that will inform Juniper card holders with reference to preset parameter concerns like an over the credit limit alert. This alert would notify the card holder that they are nearing their credit card limit. Another alert is the credit card payment due date which can be setup as well. These security characteristics are set up to assist cardholders to better track all credit account activity plus stay away from possible expenses.

Juniper has credit cards that are geared for those with bad credit as well. The single downfall in the midst of these credit cards is they, like most unsecured credit cards issued to bad credit card holders, offer an elevated interest rate. Another great feature about their credit cards is there are no ATM fees anywhere. Consequently providing anyone needed money fast and decided to use their Juniper card to get some funds, at that moment they may not incur an ATM fee.

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Tricky Features Of Juniper Cards To Consider

One of the biggest and generally popular downfalls to obtaining a Juniper credit card is the high extra charges. Their fees can surpass other credit card fees. This is maybe the reason they have designed the fee alerts as well as over the limit alert measures to prevent clients from having to pay higher than usual charges. With the current condition of the market, the majority of banks all over the place have increased interest rates and added fees in preparation for the new credit card legal guidelines.

Extra charges that are included have been transaction charges. If a Juniper card is used for item purchases then there really are not any potential fees to be incurred. The hassle comes when a customer utilizes their credit card for cash advances, balance transfers, and returned checks. There are costs connected with these monetary decisions.

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The bottom line after applying for any credit card is to explore the company as well as comprehend the fine print. If a user believes the good points outweigh the bad points then the Juniper credit card is as trustworthy as any card.

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