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Welcome To Arizona

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I have always heard a Spanish saying that says, “A parent is not that who engenders you, but the one who up brings you.” I am Mexican born, but consider myself an Arizonan because I have lived here most of my life. I have always called Phoenix my home because this is where I went to school, made friends, visited its beautiful different places, where I have my immediate family, grew up and where I feel secure and comfortable, that is my definition of a home. This place opened its doors for my siblings and me to have a free public school education and a place that made me who I am now.

Every city has its advantages and disadvantages. I believe that by having those advantages and disadvantages, one can choose what one learns and who one is, sometimes for the better, and unfortunately, sometimes for the worst. In my case, Arizona has taught me how appreciative I am for the free books and the public education I got up until my high school years. Thanks to all of the benefits that I was offered through my community, I feel the responsibility to pay back for the education I received. I remember being sixteen-years-old and getting my first job and my father telling me, “You are lucky to be in this city, Phoenix has great opportunities for you in your future and your education goals, this is only the beginning.” My father was right about Arizona. He brought his family here for a better future, to give us what he never had in Mexico.

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I have a lot to thank this state. Arizona has given me the opportunity to succeed in life and get a higher education, the education my parents have always wanted us to have, and unfortunately, the one they never had. Phoenix has given me the opportunity to go to college and advance my education. My life has been very much impacted by my past teachers and their excellent influence as I grew up as well. I could not find a better way to pay back to my community. In December of 2006, I will finally be honored with my Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. I have struggled to get this far throughout many semesters at Phoenix Community College with many working hours to be able to pay for my education.

My goal is to acquire my Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education at the Arizona State University located at the West Campus. This is the greatest opportunity I will have to give back to my community, to my city, and to Arizona. Nowadays, it seems that people do not care too much for our future generations and those same people do not see that many of our children have some type of disability when it relates to education. I strongly believe that we need more teachers in the profession education, but mostly, in special education. One of the major reasons why I chose to become a teacher is because I am a caring and gratified person that has taken every opportunity possible to succeed in life, and this state has given me that, and much more.

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Other reasons for my career choice are the attributes I would bring to this career and because of many teachers’ influences in my life. As a Sophomore in high school I remember exactly what Ms. Dobbs wrote on my yearbook that year, and it said the following, “Vianca, I totally admire you! You have a great start on becoming an amazing woman.” Reading this from a professor that I truly admired and who made me feel important and admired as well, made me feel grateful for having met so many people that have changed my life for the better.

Arizona has given me the chance to meet amazing people who have treated me greatly, and that is something I am appreciative of. This state has giving me so much, not only by giving me so many opportunities in life, but by simply making me feel like this is my home, my true and only home. Being an Arizonan is not only for those who were born here. To me, being an Arizonan is someone who appreciates this splendid place, its people, its opportunities and a whole life full of memories that are part of one’s life forever. Calling Arizona my home is a sentiment I truly have in my heart. All I ever needed to call Arizona my home was my loving family, the incredible people I have met here, and the remarkable opportunities to succeed in life I have been given. I am thankful to Arizona because it is the place I call home, but also because this state has made me the capable, honest, and respectable person that I am today.

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