Get Help With Your Decision About Mortgage Refinancing

Get Help With Your Decision About Mortgage Refinancing

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Are you thinking about mortgage refinancing? There are a lot of considerations to consider. First you have to realize that loan is not based on your property but by your income. You will be asked to provide documentation on your employment. The more time at your job the more likely you will get the loan.

Check your credit report for any errors that can drive up your interest rate. And realize with these tough economic times a great score years ago will only be a so so score today. Make sure that you contact the reporting agency for anything that looks wrong to your before applying for a loan.

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Do you want a variable loan mortgage rate? Some take this because of the low payment for the first six months or year. But this is a teaser rate in some cases because it is sure to go up after then. You do not want to do what many people did and get in trouble when it goes up later.

The variable is attractive because it has a lower initial rate and lower monthly payment. But it will go up make certain of that. And this is where some people have gotten in trouble. They think that they will have more money when it does go up. But you cannot count on a raise every year in this economy.

So be real with yourself. You do not want to have trouble later on making your monthly payment. And if you go from a fixed to a variable or another fixed rate even you are giving up the years you already have paid on your current loan. You start all over with a another loan.

You will now have another fixed term of the loan whether that is another thirty years or whatever the term of the loan is. If you are taking money out with the refinance you have to realize that you are taking out the equity of your home now and using that money today. This is what gets some people in trouble. They refinance and take out the equity of their home.

When they sell their home for whatever reason they realize that they will either have to pay the bank money because their home is worth below the amount they owe the bank because their home may have gone down in value since they refinanced. Some people believe that the value of their home will continue to go up so they will always have a growing equity amount in their home; but as the economy has shown that this is certainly not the case.

And you have to determine what you are taking the money out for is worth the risk involved. If so then it might be a good move. But if you want a new car or great vacation well that is all your choice. But you should seek the advice of a trusted financial planner to get all your options in line. You need to decide what each option will result in. If you think it is still a good idea then go for it. But spend a lot of time with your decision. You will have to live with it for awhile.

In addition to having less debt by refinancing a mortgage, also look at GIC rates to get higher fixed income returns. Mortgage rates vary from lender to lender so ask around.

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