Second Mortgage and Equity Loans

Second Mortgage and Equity Loans

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Those who own homes, who find the need for money, may find out most of the time that all of their equity is actually locked up in the property they own. When this happens, homeowners can use second mortgages, a kind of mortgage that allows homeowners to tap into the equity that tied into their property. It can even give potential home owners the opportunity they need to bridge the gap needed to complete a downpayment for the new home.

A second mortgage is a kind of loan that is secured by a property, like the home, that already has a first mortgage attached to it. As the name suggests, a second mortgage is given a second priority, in that should this mortgage default, the lender has to pay off the first mortgage first, before the collateral is accessed. This makes second mortgages riskier for lenders.

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At present, there are two kinds of second mortgages, each one chosen depending on what is needed by the borrower. The first kind is what is known as a home equity line of credit, or HELOC for short, which is a second mortgage that acts like a credit card. A borrower can issue checks written against the HELOC for different expenses, and like a credit card, interest payments are paid monthly as long as there’s an outstanding balance existing.

The other kind is the home equity loan, considered by many as the “traditional” version of the two choices. Unlike the HELOC, whose rate may differ, the home equity loan has a fixed rate over time. And while in most cases the home equity loan is usually, compared to first mortgages, higher, the loan amortizes to a zero balance, and is a refinance free equity release mortgage.

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Whatever is chosen, it is important that the borrower find a second mortgage that is generally favorable and flexible to the needs. Choose from the wide variety of companies that offer second mortgages, and find the best one. Lastly, it is important to know that costs will differ depending on the state and area.

Here is more information on refinance second mortgage and equity mortgage.

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