An Easy Explanation – Mutual Funds

An Easy Explanation – Mutual Funds

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Many people today are considering investing in mutual funds. In the last few years, it has become one of the most popular means of investment for many reasons. One of the primary reasons why people choose to invest in mutual funds is because they can diversify their investments without knowing a great deal about individual stocks.

In simple terms a mutual fund is a kind of collective financial investment, managed professionally to buy money market instruments like bonds and stocks. These funds have the authority to invest in many different types of securities, as mentioned in their offering document called the “prospectus”. This document on its own is the treasure chest of information with regards to the fund.

The objective of the fund’s investment is the defining statement of the nature of the fund which will determine the type of investment the mutual fund is going to undertake. An investment adviser provides professional counsel to any fund or even an equity fund. It is the prerogative of the fund to invest in stocks of any particular sector of the market, such a petro-chemical, financial or medical services.

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How to buy Mutual Funds? Mainly, there are two possible ways how investors can buy MFs. First is to buy directly from MF Companies when they make initial public offerings. You can get schedule of public offering of different companies from newspapers, brokers, or websites. To buy MFs, you need to have demat account connected to your back account. If you want to save money on brokerage, fill the form on your own and submit it. Or, you can consult a broker to act as intermediate medium between you and the Investment Company. Nowadays, most of the MFs companies offer their shares online as well. You can go online and search for official website of that investment company and fill information that is requested to buy MFs.

A few more terms one needs to be cognizant of; Growth fund – it invests in stocks of those companies which are categorized in high-growth list. The payment of dividends in this fund is erratic in nature. Value funds – these are the perceived underdogs who are anything but. Traditionally such stocks have always beaten the market expectations.

In addition, since one has their money spread out over several stocks, returns on investments are generally not very high and this can be distressing when one stock makes a sudden jump in price.

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There are many advantages to using mutual funds, which make them so popular today. They are a good way for a novice investor to start making investments. In addition, one can set up a beneficiary and if something happens to the original investor, the mutual funds can be passed to their heirs.

How investors earn money? One might wonder how investors earn money by investing in MFs. First step is to select best MFs to invest and then MFs will operate in way that investors earn maximum yields. Mainly, there are three parameters which earn returns for investment in funds. First parameter is Dividend on shares which depend on interest on the securities in the portfolio. Gain in capital is another way your funds can earn you money. Last but not the list, increased NAV also contributes to earnings of the investors. In short, Mutual Fund investment procedure is easy one and good returns are inevitable if right decision is made.

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