Trade Is Better

Trade Is Better

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Commerce, as we all know, can be simplified, as the exchange of products, services and even money in some cases. Trade is essential to the business needs of their needs. It ‘also known as a transaction. Commerce at the beginning of a communication in the old days.

A mechanism that allows trade to take place is called market. First trade was in the form of barter. Barter means the exchange of goods and services taking place directly. In prehistoric times people bartered products and services from each other. This was the only method before the invention of the modern day currency.

The invention of money simplified and promoted trade to a greater extent. Money made trading easier and fair in most of the cases when trade was not happening at the same financial ability of people. When trade takes place between two people it is known as bilateral trade, and when it is between more than two people it is called multilateral trade.

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If we look back and see in the pages of our history, we find that trade has existed. There is evidence that the exchange of obsidian and flint, which are expensive rare volcanic rocks in the stone age. Since 3000, British Columbia, the necessary materials for the manufacture of jewelry were sold in Egypt. In India, we have seen the long trade routes in the third millennium when Mesopotamia traded with the Harappan civilization of the Indus Valley.

As time changed modes of trading also changed. We have Retail Trading which consists of sales of goods from a fixed location, such as a department store or a boutique. Wholesale trade on the other hand can be simplified as sale of goods to retailers and industrial and commercial users.

Since the invention of Internet, people have been able to do everything virtually. Now days online trading have become one of the most popular mediums of trading. These online trading facilities are provided by many financial companies like Reliance Money, ICICI online trading and many more.

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Online trading proves beneficial for both new comers in the industry as well as advanced and experienced traders. Online trading gives opportunities to trade stocks and foreign exchange all over the world without physical performance of a broker. Stock trading has now turned out to be much available to independent investors. In this kind commissions incurred are also very low because everything happens on the internet.

As we look at the improvements in the trading market over the years we see that it has always been growing and is still in the process of getting better. With the fast and everyday changing era we can see that it takes all the intellectual efforts which have always helped in making market methods easier for everyone.

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