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We all believe in the saying that money makes the globe go round. We believe that if we have money, we are powerful. We can control even the smallest details of our lives. We can even taste pleasure if we have lots of money to spend. Thus, it is not obvious why a lot of people want to become affluent. We all know that 90% of the world’s population are in the average and poverty line, the remaining 10% of the population controls all of the world’s wealth. This is really the evidence that the distribution of wealth isn’t fair.

Consumerism plays an important role in the world today. This role can be seen as negative to those who are saving money. Various products are being sold every day in the market. Most of these are gadgets which are meant to help ease the lives of the people. The most sought after gadgets in the market right now are android phones and tablet computers. While some are into electronic gadgets, others are into designer and luxury goods for their collections and use. This is consumerism. It is an unending cycle of cashing in and cashing out on everyday wants rather than need.

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Being materialistic entails a lot of burden mostly for those who are not good budget makers. This results to letter D. All of us adults know this word. It results from imbalance of cash expenses versus the income. Debt is the big word among money makers. We are always susceptible to debt and highly susceptible once we indulge ourselves in being materialistic, by buying what is wanted rather than needed. This problem of debt if not being foreseeable, will eventually turn into reality. If it turned into reality, people will then find a way in order to compensate for their big debts. This is by getting a loan on banks and companies.

Paying for a loan can also be a burden if the debt continues to arise. Good thing there are online companies that are willing to lend money. These companies can help you get a loan in just a few clicks. They can also help you approve your loan in just 90 seconds upon submitting the form. This is a good project as people will be able to borrow with ease without compromising their need for the things that they really need to buy such as food, education and other necessities.

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