A Quick Online Loan To Save Your Relationship

A Quick Online Loan To Save Your Relationship

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It’s a plain every day fact, and that is that this most recent economic down turn has taken a huge tole on a whole heck of a lot of peoples “committed” relationships. This in turn has left a good number of jilted lovers wondering why so many partners will say that money doesn’t factor into how they feel about them, but just as soon as the money starts to dwindle they’re ready to “saddle up and ride” out of town?

There’s no need to ponder a suitable answer to that daunting question, and this is because since time eternal those on a quest for romantic companionship have understood the unwritten rule. The “no money no honey” rule that basically makes a direct connection between the amount of liquid capital you have to spend and the chances of you finding a mate, and keeping that mate happy at home.

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So then what can you do if you find yourself running low on cash because you’re out of work, or they’ve cut your hours so your “little darling” is now starting to polish up her walking shoes? The simple answer to that is that if you don’t have the money on hand, you can simply borrow it online because it’s now easier and faster to do than it’s ever been before.

It’s a fact and that is that you can without even leaving your home borrow up to fifteen-hundred dollars, and that’s even if you have no credit and even “bad credit”. That should be more than enough to keep that “greedy little user” in your love nest for at least another week while you plead your case. Just think how that frown on her pretty little face will turn to a “smile” when she sees that pile of money, and hears that you’re going to spend it all on her.

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Now do keep in mind though that when it comes to matters of the heart there are never any guarantees, so there is always the chance of her simply leaving after that money is gone. That she will keep up the “girlfriend act” while you’re taking her out shopping and peeling those hundreds out of your wallet. Then just as soon as they’re gone, so too will she is. So then how can you shave your risk?

That solution is that you get her to borrow the money for you, under the agreement that you’ll make the payments. Simply tell her that with your income, or credit history they won’t lend you all you need to “make her happy”, so you have to do this creative finance scheme. Then if she sticks around to give your relationship another try you make the payments, but if she goes you don’t give her a dime.

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