Payday Cash Advance Online: Can You Be Arrested For Default?

Payday Cash Advance Online: Can You Be Arrested For Default?

It sure does seem like almost every time the newspaper is opened or the news is clicked on today there is yet one more story about someone in trouble due to loans gone bad. Another person added to the growing list of names of people marched off to prison for an extended term. In fact it’s not uncommon now for judges to hand down sentences of up to 30 & 40 years for cheating a lender out of money.

Still one more surprise is how little money was involved in so many of these cases. These aren’t big time criminals, or Wall Street swindlers. Not at all in many cases. In fact quite often these same people who have been sent off for decades were convicted of loan crimes that only involved “hundreds” not thousands of dollars. Lives wasting away in some violent prison for really very little actual money.

So then just what is it that they did? Are these things that they did by mistake that you too can make? Or are there strict guidelines that are laid out, so you know if you’re stepping over the line if you by some chance end up defaulting on a loan? After all, the last thing anyone one needs when they’re experiencing financial troubles, is to have legal problems crop up to make things even worse.

The answer to your entire question relating to this topic is easy. All you have to do is be completely honest, and truthful in your dealings with any lender, and you will have “no problems”. Even if you end up defaulting on a loan because that in and of itself is not a crime. The legal problems that people run into when they default on a loan are all related to some type of “fraud” that they committed when they secured it.

It’s not simply telling untruths over the phone, or in verbal interviews either that got them into trouble because believe it or not, that’s not a crime. You see, it’s up to the lender to confirm anything that you say “verbally”. What got them into serious trouble, and can get you into trouble too, is presenting “fake or altered” documents during the loan approval process. Even an altered pay check stub will qualify you for a loan fraud case.

Now if you think that gives you a free pass to say anything that you want, consider this. That is that far more loan defaults wind up in civil courts than land in criminal courts, and you don’t need to commit a crime to be hauled before a civil court judge. In a civil court lies that you told are admissible, and they can, and will have an effect on how the judge views your case, and how much money he or she will order you to pay.

Written by Sofia Lopez. Check out her site to find out more about cash advance loans.

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