Elibility For Enhanced Annuity Rates

Elibility For Enhanced Annuity Rates

For those who are considering a personal pension annuity there is a lot to consider. A comparison of the general advantages and disadvantages of a annuity will help identify whether it is the right pension investment for you. Many such comparisons however will forget to mention the possible enhanced annuity rates available for certain individuals.

With 1,000 plus lifestyle and medical conditions eligible for an increased annuity rate there is a strong chance that a large portion of those considering annuity could be eligible for further funding. With up to 30% increase in rates on offer it is likely that under 5% of people are claiming the advanced rates available to them.

If you have suffered from any of the 1000 illnesses and life conditions that give eligibility to enhanced rates then you can make the most of an increased income from the moment your annuity begins. Some of the illnesses and lifestyle conditions that affect your annuity income include; high blood pressure, high BMI, high cholesterol, regular smoking, heart conditions (such as heart attacks, heart bypass, angioplasty, angina and an irregular heart beat), diabetes, multiple sclerosis, lung, liver or kidney disease and cancers to name a few.

If you have found yourself with any of these conditions within your life time and are considering your pensions plans, then this could be a swaying factor in choosing a pension annuity. However if you are looking to consider some of the other advantages of this type of pension payment then here are some to consider:

Advantages of a annuity – Complete financial security and peace of mind. You will pay for your investment through premium payments or a lump sum in advance and then be able to enjoy a steady income with no fuss. With the original investment you make being completely up to you, you are able to tailor your monthly income to match your standard of living and ensure you continue living the way you wish to after retirement.

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