Why Obtaining A Free Credit Report Is Vital

Why Obtaining A Free Credit Report Is Vital

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Very often our credit file is checked, whether it’s for a background check, to apply for a store card or something as big as buying your first home or car! So it is handy to keep an eye on just what is going on and you can do this by getting a free credit report, doing this can also put your mind at ease if you’re having and problems and help you to fix them.

Most people think that the only way they can get information on their credit file is to pay out money to various companies or even use a company who you may not be sure will keep your information safe or indeed even be accurate. However a lot of well known companies now offer free trials so you can be sent your credit file via email or through the regular postal system.

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You have to be careful and read the small print however, it is usually the case that although the trial may be free you will along with applying for it have to give your card or bank details. This is because the company will be offering a report on a monthly basis for a monthly fee, the free part is usually a free 1st month.

Make a note of how long the trial is for and how you can cancel it. If you have the option to cancel over the phone make sure to obtain a reference and the persons name so you can prove your cancellation. After all you don’t want to end up paying a monthly fee for a long time, the aim of this is to help you!

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Look over your file carefully and if possible take a record of it as once the trial is over you may not be able to access that information any longer. Note down anything that may be worrying you especially any entries in there that you might not be agreeing with, especially applications for credit that you don’t recall.

Although you’re going to be looking over it and wondering if your file is good or bad for lenders you also need to make sure that there are no records or notes relating to fraudulent activity or any applications in your name made by someone else. This is how failed attempts at identity theft are often discovered.

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And overall make sure to keep your file in a good state because you may need to get credit some day, maybe for an emergency like a repair you can’t afford so you want to be able to get credit when you need it. If you’re in anyone’s bad books make sure to communicate with them and get advice if you’re struggling.

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