This Week In Forex Trading Using Ichimoku Analysis

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On this video presentation, experienced trader and well-regarded author, Manesh Patel explains currency trading for the week forward using present market situations to demonstrate a few of the fundamentals of the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo support and resistance system. Following the same tactics that are taught in his 5-Day Fx Lab, he makes use of enlightening and recent informative chart illustrations to display how an Ichimoku forex trader would base their entries and exits.

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Ichimoku Kinko Hyo is a technical based system that shows you in a powerful manner support and resistance areas in an easy to view form and is looked upon as an add on of the widely recognized candlestick charting system. The fact is, this approach was invented on the idea that at “one glance” you should be able to easily see whether an instrument is in equilibrium (consolidation) or out of equilibrium (trending).

Day Trading Currency with this style is a innovative way of trading that will change the way you look at and trade currencies as well as other markets (Stocks, Futures and Commodities). This unique educational video will demonstrate the 5 important indicators of this trend based technique. You will not need to use any other indicators with this method since it is a 100% complete program for trading. The indicators are as follows:

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Tenkan Sen (red), Kijun Sen (green), Chikou Span (light purple), Senkou A (dark blue), Senkou B (white)

When using all 5 of the indicators, an investor can witness what has happened, what is happening and what could possibly happen for the instrument that is being analyzed.

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Your teacher, Manesh Patel, is an instructor and trader with the Affinity Trading Group, a professional in the Ichimoku Trading Strategy and has created what is already being considered as a best-selling book on this approach, “Trading With Ichimoku Clouds.” Mr Patel graduated with a Masters Degree in Engineering. However, his love has always been in the markets. A interest, that in 1996 became his career and he now is a full time trader trading for a living. He not only teaches the art of currency trading but also is active in the markets and trades all asset classes except for bonds.

Affinity Trading Group is a firm providing both stock and forex trading education. In addition to day trading courses, Affinity also offers gap trading education.

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