Michael Yaron And His Indictment

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Former hospital executives face charges from the federal grand jury for alleged responsibility in the crime of bid-rigging. The indictment has four-counts and charges Santo Saglimbeni and Emilio Figueroa, former employees at New York Presbytarian Hospital, with wire fraud and mail fraud. These same charges are brought against Michael Yaron as well as his associate Moshe Buchnik who are were awarded the bids. The Artech company is named in the indictment as well.

The Cambridge Environmental and Construction Corporation doing business as National Environmental Associates is an asbestos abatement company and is owned by Yaron as well as the Oxford Construction Company. From 2000 through 2008 asbestos abatement and air monitoring contracts and those for general construction were awarded to these companies from Saglimbeni who was V. P. Of operations of facilities at NYPH. Moshe Buchnik is associated with both companies, he serves as President.

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The Artech company became involved when they were found to be the conduit through which money was transferred electronically from Yaron to Artech’s bank account. Artech is a company that was created by a Saglimbeni family member for the purpose of hiding kickback money. Saglimbeni was receiving kickbacks for the contracts he awarded to Yaron and Buchnik.

Between 2001 and 2006, Figueroa and Saglimbeni, former director of facilities at NYPH, and co-conspirators involved in conspiracy of mail fraud. Saglimbeni and also Figueroa awarded a number of contracts for repairing and installing HVAC equipment at New York Presbytarian Hospital to the co-conspirator’s firm in exchange for gifts of value and kickbacks.

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They are charged with the crime of mail fraud, as well, in order to accomplish fraudulent results as they initiated NYPH to make payment on a contract awarded fraudulently. In total, more than $42 million in hospital contracts were awarded. NYPH had no idea any of this was going on and is fully cooperating with the indictment.

The violations of mail and fraud carry a $1 million dollar fine and a 20 year term in prison. These charges are a part of on-going federal anti-trust investigations regarding bid rigging, bribery, tax-related crime and fraud in regard to contracts from NYPH and Mount Sinai Medical Center. There are eight people and three companies involved so far who have pleaded guilty and three more are indicted.

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Michael Yaron, being the owner of the companies, will face serious penalties along with the other involved in this indictment. They also seek the forfeiture of assets in connection with charges of mail fraud in the indictment that are related to the kickbacks received. A maximum fine of twice the amount of the gain from the illegal act or twice the amount of the losses suffered by the injured parties if they amount to more than the maximum fine.

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