UK Payday Lender – 1 Month Loan Review

UK Payday Lender – 1 Month Loan Review

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It is no secret that such a large number of people in our society work very long full time hours at jobs that pay them, at the very least, slightly less than they feel they truly deserve. The average working person lives off each pay cheque until the next one comes in, and this poses quite the problem in the event of an emergency. This is why all readers should pay close attention to this 1 Month Loan review.

The company we are discussing is actually quite reliable and there is more than one thing backing this fact up. One of the best things to consider about this company is that they have been running their very successful business since 2004. Having been in business for almost an entire decade, they know what their loan customers expect from such a service, and they provide it.

Another green flag that points to this company being an honest one is that they limit the amount of rollovers that they will allow from their clients. For readers who are unfamiliar with the concept, a rollover occurs when a person pays off one payday loan only to take out another one. People who do this stay in an almost perpetual state of debt that is next to impossible to crawl out of. This is why this company has a limit of up to five rollovers for each client that they do business with.

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A lot of people that need a payday loan will admit that their credit is not really as great as it could be. Because of this, the company we are discussing does not even bother performing credit checks. As long as you are gainfully employed, they do not care about your credit score. There are companies that have much lower interest rates, but keep in mind they will have very strict credit score requirements.

You don’t have to make a very high amount of income or be within a certain income bracket to receive a loan from this company. They accept the lowest minimum salary requirements possible within this type of business. Not all companies will offer loans to people who are not power earners.

A lot of people tend to worry about the way that a lender will get there money to them. Are they going to mail an actual paper cheque in the post, or are they going to do an expensive wire transfer. This company takes the current account information that you provide to them, and they deposit your borrowed money directly into your account, and this process usually takes about three days to clear.

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You might have heard horror stories about a type of loan that required faxes to be made. A great portion of companies will require the borrowing party to fax them copies of their pay stubs as well as copies of a blank check that is attached to their account. This company does not require their clients to fax them anything, which means that the loan process is very simple as well as painless.

After reading this 1 Month Loan review, you should be able to see the many things that makes this company such a very special one. It is also hoped that you will now posses the proper knowledge to make more educated borrowing decisions when it comes to this type of loan service.

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