New Payday Lenders In UK To Check Out

New Payday Lenders In UK To Check Out

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The number of payday loans which are taken out each and every month in the UK has grown dramatically in recent times. This has led to many new payday lenders appearing with some more well known than others. This is intended as a short review on just one of these which is Quick Quid.

Thanks to their television advertising they are probably more of the most well known companies of this kind. However, you need to look past the television and actually look at the company itself.

The first thing about them is how quickly the entire application process can take with it stated to be just five minutes long. It just involves putting in your personal details as well as your income details and that is you so there really is nothing complicated about this part.

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They do offer you slightly higher amounts than the average payday loan company but as with most of them first time applicants are unable to get the maximum amount. If you clear that loan with no problems then this limit is lifted. But apart from the loan people have to consider the fees.

The APR figure is not too clear on their website however while you should be aware of it keep in mind that is the annual rate whereas your loan is a short term one. The fees that you shall end up paying is displayed nice and clearly on your application.

It is important to pay attention to this part as you shall have to know how much you are paying and when you are paying it. The payment part is done like the other companies which is through debit cards which are for the account where they deposit the money. Having this is one of their requirements.

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To get your loan from Quick Quid you also need to be eighteen or over, live in the United Kingdom, and have a reliable income. Most people shall not have to send in extra details however if they have problem in clarifying your information you may need to send in more documentation.

Most people have their money in their account on the day of applying which is impressive however it does depend on when you actually apply as they have a cut off time. But the good thing is there are a number of people out there who have said they did get the money in next to no time so it shows they are reliable with this. Their reliability is good for people in an emergency situation where bills are really needing to be paid. You can even compare late fines to the fees to see which works out best for you.

So using Quick Quid is fast and you can get the money the same day. You can easily talk to them and get answers to your questions but their website does explain most things. The amount you pay back is clearly stated along with the due date. Just remember to have that money in your account as failure to pay this type of loan can seriously damage your credit history for some time to come.

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When You Are Choosing Your New Payday Lenders UK, Sometimes It’ll Be Hard To Tell The Difference Between An Exceptional Lender And An Average One. Ensure You’re Up-to-date Regarding Any New Payday Lenders Prior To Deciding To Go Ahead With One.

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