Wood Deck Maintenance

Wood Deck Maintenance

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Leave maintaining your wood deck to an expert and not the contractor who built it. Most home owners think that the contractor they hired to build their wood deck is the same guy who knows how to maintain their wood deck. Most often this is not the case. There are many different types of woods that are used for outdoor decking these days. Teak wood, Mahogany wood and Ipe wood are just a few of your options.

Find an expert with many years of experience working with exotic hardwoods and who knows the weathering characteristics of each wood. When a new deck is done it needs to be finished right away. Many contractors and deck builders know how to build an awesome wood deck but most of the time they have no understanding about how to properly caring for your wood deck. . A professional will work with your contractor to provide you the best care for your wood deck and help you maintain the elegant texture and color of your wood deck for its whole life.

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Ipe wood or Brazilian Ironwood as it is sometimes called is a very dense exotic hardwood. The wood is very high in natural oil content which makes it resistant to the harmful effects of the sun and weather. However, keeping its natural color is an art form in itself. That is why it is very important for you to hire a specialist to maintain your wood deck and protect your investment.

There are many products on the market that claim they are the best for Brazilian Ironwood. Some of them are actually very good in preserving the color and texture of the wood, but great products a far and few. An expert can narrow down the best products on the market to keep it in its original beauty. Most deck care products say how easy it is to apply their products to your wood deck and how their products will restore your wood deck to new again.

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This is not as easy as some claim. There are many factors to consider before you apply a finish on a wood surface. If the wood is weathered, has it properly been prepped? If the surface is new has it properly been prepped? What is the best way to apply the product? What temperature is best for application? What kind of clean up does the product require? And the list goes on and on. All of these questions need to be answered before you apply any products to your wood deck. An expert will take the headache out of you becoming a slave to your Ipe wood surface or any other exterior wood surface. Let an expert maintain your wood deck surface and it will last you for your entire life.

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