Gutter Cleaning For Home Owners

Gutter Cleaning For Home Owners

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There are many parts of a home that must have regular yearly or seasonal maintenance to remain durable and long lasting. This is especially true of gutters which take a brunt of the punishment a house endures during bad weather. Gutter cleaning is often not on the regular maintenance list but should definitely be included.

By having gutters cleaned on a regular basis one avoids many unnecessary repairs to their home and also to the foundation of their home if the water from a clogged downspout runs into the foundation during an entire rainy season.

Employing a gutter cleaning service on a regular basis provides a home owner with the necessary maintenance but they are not required to keep and store all of the tools, equipment, and materials that are part of gutter cleaning maintenance and upkeep.

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The technicians will make recommendations if a spout needs to be replaced or repaired and often have the necessary tools and materials to repair or replace any part of the gutter or spout that is damaged.

When cleaning a homeowner chooses to clean their own gutters the process can be a tedious and messy task. It is important to have the tools in place to make the process easier to complete. One will need a ladder that reaches the gutters as well as extra brackets and gutter material to make repairs if there are tears in the gutter. Most gutter brackets are installed with long screws which require the use of an electric drill with an extension screw bit.

Vinyl gutters also have joining gaskets which may leak over time. When a joining gasket is leaking it will be necessary to replace the gasket to repair the leak. Some people put waterproof silicone on the joints of the gaskets to extend their durability if they live is extremely wet climates.

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A vinyl gutter that is bent, damaged, or needs a bracket replaced will require the use of an electric drill with a screwdriver extension. In some cases it will be necessary to replace the gaskets that join vinyl gutters as they will split and leak when under pressure. Therefore it is important to have these materials ready for use prior to beginning the cleaning process.

When removing debris from a gutter it is important to remove the debris and not try to flush it through the downspout of the gutter. Many times a downspout will become clogged when gutter debris is flushed to the spout. These can be very hard to remove when caught in the spout. For this reason one must physically remove leaves and other items from their gutter and only flush the smallest particles through the downspout.

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