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Arizona real estate is well worth your time if you are considering moving to a new state. This article will provide you with the basics of Arizona and the FSBO real estate market.

Phoenix is by far the largest city in Arizona and it is growing fast. Phoenix is already the 6th biggest metropolis in the country and it is Arizona’s state capital. Phoenix is getting so big that it has actually merged with the adjacent cities of Tempe and Scottsdale, Arizona. Phoenix has a perpetual new feeling to it, which leads to criticisms that it has no inherent culture or roots.

Phoenix is home to a number of sports, so an interest in attending such events is satisfied here. Whether your favorite is basketball, baseball, or football, Phoenix has a professional team for you. Phoenix even has a professional ice hockey team, the Phoenix Coyotes. Only in America could a city in the middle of the desert have an NHL team!

Individuals who enjoy a warm climate will find Phoenix fits the bill. In the summer months, the temperatures hover north of 100 degrees and the air is typically very dry and not humid at all. In the winter months, the nights can be on the colder side, but during the day, the temps will still be in the mid 70s.

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If Phoenix is the modern metropolis, Flagstaff is the traditional western town. Flagstaff, located on the world renown Route 66, is home to Arizona State University, and is thus known as a college town. Arizona State University or ASU, as it is called by locals, dominates Flagstaff with its student body of over 30,000.

The real estate in Arizona, compared with other states, is priced to be affordable. A typical house in Phoenix will cost around $300,000 on average. Arizona has, however, become a hot real estate market with home values appreciating over 25% in the last 12 months.

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People either really like Arizona or hate it based on how they view the heat. If you prefer hot, sunny days, Arizona real estate may be a very good investment.

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