How Timber Garages Add Beauty And Function To A Real Estate

How Timber Garages Add Beauty And Function To A Real Estate

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Timber garages make a wonderful way to add storage and protect a vehicle from the weather. Vehicles which are stored under the cover of a garage are more likely to retain their values than those parked outside where the sun may cause fading of paint and upholstery. In addition, the protection is a better option for the winter when snow and frost can slow the driver from getting to his or her destination on time. With the cover of the garage, frost does not form and snow cannot collect on the windows.

When looking to add the garage to a home, some homeowners may make the decision to add their own garage, while others may choose to hire contractors to complete the project. Either way, the building that is made of wood makes a great choice. The timbers are a more natural choice to blend with the wood of the home than those made of other materials. In addition, wood is often the most environmentally friendly choice that can be made by a homeowner.

Manufacturers have developed new ways of treating wood to make it more durable. These treatments deter the work of insects and make the garage even more resistant to moisture than untreated woods. While the building should last for many years if properly cared for, when the time comes to remove the building from the property, the wood can be recycled or allowed to degrade through nature.

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While many property owners are hearing the praises of metal buildings, they are not so often reminded of the disadvantages of those same structures during the planning process. Metal is a poor insulator. In addition, it may dent or rust. Metal requires large amounts of energy for manufacture and is not biodegradable.

Garages made of wood enjoy a natural insulating property from the material. Even if the wood is left unfinished, it is much more attractive than most metal buildings. When finished, the wood garage is a great addition to the home.

When considering a do it yourself project, most handy persons will have in their toolbox all the tools needed to complete the construction using timber. In order to construct the project with other materials, the owner could find himself in need of specialized tools or training, making use of these materials even more expensive.

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To keep the wooden garage looking beautiful, the owner may need to take care of some maintenance concerns regularly. This maintenance can help the garage to keep looking very good during the years of its life. Metal is sometimes described as maintenance free, but this simply means that as problems develop there is little the owner can do to repair them.

Wooden garages also offer the advantage of being able to be attached to the existing home. Use of this type construction lowers the building costs as one wall is already in existence. Regardless of the construction of the main home, wood can be made to match the home. Metal does not offer this type of advantage.

As property owners grow in their awareness of the environmental impact of the choices that they make, it is hoped that they will also make choices that align with this knowledge. Timber garages make much better choices for the environment but are also more pleasing aesthetically and offer a warmer structure in which to park the vehicles.

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