Emigrating Overseas – Where Should You Go?

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Making the decision to emigrate can be a big deal. Choosing to go and live in another country where you may be unfamiliar with the language, culture and customs is scary, but some countries have large numbers of American immigrants that can help smooth your transition. Mexico is a popular choice for many Americans. Not only is it close, but it benefits from warm weather, a relaxed pace of life, lower living costs and affordable housing. This is an especially popular choice for retirees.

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Canada is also a popular choice for Americans looking to emigrate. The proximity of the two countries is a factor here, as well as the fact they share a language and large parts of their culture. People’s reasons for emigrating to Canada vary, but they include issues as greater rights for same-sex couples, cheaper healthcare and, recently, the country’s opposition to the war in Iraq. All this, coupled with some great landmarks and gorgeous scenery makes Canada a top destination for those looking to move countries.

Also a consistently popular choice for people looking to make the big move is the United Kingdom. While the weather may not always be that amazing, the country has lots of great features that make it an ideal destination. People’s reasons for moving to the UK often include the welfare and health services and its proximity to continental Europe. It also offers a certain romantic charm. After all, this is the country of the English language, Shakespeare, Buckingham Palace, red phone boxes and rolling green hills.

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But perhaps you’re looking to move slightly further away and to somewhere that’s warmer, drier but still fantastic. In which case, Australia could be the option for you. This is always a popular choice, although remember their immigration system works on a points system, meaning certain skills are valued more than others and can affect your chances of getting in. Australia benefits from affordable housing and good public services, a stable economy, laidback culture and shared language. There’s also a lot to explore as it’s so big.

A slightly quirkier, but increasingly popular, destination for people looking to move country is New Zealand. It boasts beautiful scenery and mild weather throughout the year – great for people looking to get away from the cold. Its working culture is great, with lots of work leave and good working hours. There are also low crime rates and a low cost of living. Made most famous by Lord of the Rings being filmed there, New Zealand could just be the place for you.

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