Properties For Sale Are Not Completed

Properties For Sale Are Not Completed

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There are ample new and resale properties in Lanzarote. Villas are perfect as an investment. But maybe you can’t find the right one or perhaps someone else has beaten you to it. Another option is buying off-plan, but what are the advantages and the pitfalls? Buying off-plan means you buy a new villa or apartment on a new development before it’s been constructed.

So in effect, you’re buying ‘blind’ from just a plan of the property. Lets look at the advantages first. The main reason is monetary. Upon the completion of your villa you’ll discover that it’s certainly worth the price. You’ll have signed a contract for the property at a fixed price and that’s the price you pay on completion. Often the developer will ask you for incremental payments as the building progresses.

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On average, by the time you move into a Lanzarote villas the value will have raised by about fifteen to twenty percent of the regular price. Other advantages of these arrangements are that you’d be able to change arrangements to the design or the floor plans of your property as the construction continues! There is less of a hassle purchasing a villa this way. You won’t have to worry about the financial and legal arrangements. Just be certain you’re their in favor of someone else.

All you have to do is pay the deposit when buying off-plan giving you plenty of time to find the rest of the capital prior to first stage payment date. There are of course disadvantages to buying off-plan. The main one being you don’t actually see what you’re buying before the property is completed. The final building may not resemble what you are expecting. It may be that the area where the construction is continuing. You have another problem.

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The property may not have been finished off as of were led to believe. Perhaps you will notice the next door villa has turned out to be closer than you were told it would be. You might discover that the quality of workmanship isn’t at the standard you were told. The majority of builders of Lanzarote villas give you a ten year warranty. However, there isn’t a British counterpart which is anything like the Spanish NHBC. Try and ensure that you have a completion date in your contract; it will include penalties if the properties for sale are not completed on time.

Normally though, the builder will have a few months grace to finish the building. There’s always the chance that Lanzarote villas prices may fall and you could end up paying more for your villa than it’s worth when you take the keys. You will not encounter these pitfalls, if you do your homework before signing any contract. If you’re prudent and choose wisely, and you can end up with your dream property.

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