Looking at Different Student Loan Programs

Looking at Different Student Loan Programs

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by Max Hargis

Student loans are usually needed when grants and scholarships don’t cover the cost of attending school. It can be overwhelming trying to find the perfect loan when you’re comparing student loan programs. Often times the terms and rates can be confusing and hard to keep straight. Here’s a quick rundown of the most popular student loan programs and lenders.

A lot of students end up using Sallie Mae’s student loan program. Sallie Mae is considered the top student loan provider in the United States. If a student needs a Private student loan or a Federal student loan Sallie Mae is the place to start. It does not matter if the student is already in college or is getting ready to start a new college degree Sallie Mae will most likely be able to provide them with a student loan.

The loan can cover expenses that are school related like tuition, a computer, and living expenses. Both of these loans are low interest with few fees.

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If you are just starting college or are still an undergraduate, Sallie Mae also offers up on option for Private student loans. Sometimes a student can’t get enough money to cover all of their tuition through federal loans. This leaves Private loans as the next option. Private student loans from Sallie Mae can also be used for all types of living/college costs and fees. Unfortunately, private student loans have higher interest rates which will make monthly payments higher when a student starts to pay them back.

Worried about leaving the country to further your education? There is no need with Sallie Mae. They offer international student loan programs as well. So, a student planning on studying overseas (studying abroad) can get a student loan to help cover the costs of their education. With decent rates and minimal fees the international student loan program from Sallie Mae gives you flexible repayment options.

The United States Governments can also help out a student in need of money for their college tuition. They provide another option apart from Sallie Mae, but it could be more difficult to get enough funds to cover a students entire education costs. These other two options are PLUS loans ans Stafford loans.

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Stafford Loans are available directly through the government and are probably the most affordable student loan available. Rates are fixed at as low as 6% and can be used for tuition and any school expenses. To receive a Stafford loan, an applicant must fill out a FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

PLUS loans are the second type of student loan that the U.S. Government gives to students. Like most processes for getting money for college a completed FAFSA is required in order to be in consideration for a PLUS loan. PLUS loans are like other loans in that they are given to undergraduate students, but they can also be taken out by graduate students or parents of a student. As with Stafford loans, PLUS loans offer a low interest rate which makes them easier for the student pay off.

The process of picking a college and continuing education into college is difficult enough. Worrying about getting the money to pay for a student’s tuition should not stop them from getting a college education. The options above offer the student a bit more piece of mind while they are in school because not everyone can get a full-ride scholarship.

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