AES Student Loan Consolidation: Will You Qualify?

AES Student Loan Consolidation: Will You Qualify?

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by Jessica Mousseau

American Educational Services offers federal loan consolidation. So are you eligible for AES student loan consolidation? You can, whether you’re in or out of school.

Sure, You Can Qualify, But Only If You Haven’t Consolidated Before

You do, if you’re a recent graduate, a borrower who is already paying back their loans, or a parent who has a PLUS loan. Only federally guaranteed student loans are eligible to be included in a federal consolidation. If you’re still in school, students who are enrolled more than half time are not eligible for federal consolidation. If you’ve graduated in the past six months and you’re still in your federal loan grace period, you are eligible for a lower interest rate on your student loan consolidation.

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When you’re completing your online application, you’ll be given a choice to either have your application processed immediately, or have it held until your grace period ends. If you request to have your application held, you will lock in interest rate will still retaining the right to benefit from any potential government subsidy payments. You can only consolidate a previous Federal Consolidation Loan if you’ve taken out any additional federal education loans after you consolidated, or if you hadn’t included all of your federal education loans in a previous consolidation.

Any defaulted federal education loans held by another lender are not eligible to be included in your federal loan consolidation. If your federal education loans are held by AES, you can include them in your consolidation only after they’ve been rehabilitated.

Parents Can Qualify

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You’re eligible for student loan consolidation if you’re a parent who took out loans for your child’s education, too. Federal consolidation offers the same benefits for parents, as it does student borrowers.

If you have PLUS loans for more than one child, you consolidate them separately. You can’t, however, consolidate your parent PLUS loans with your child’s FFELP loans. Federal law prohibits multiple accounts to be consolidated together, with the single exception of a Federal Spousal Consolidation.

What’s The Next Step?

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What are the advantages to an AES student loan consolidation? The benefits of consolidating your loans include taking advantage of the opportunity to lock into a fixed interest rate, and find you have only one bill to pay as you lower your monthly payments.

You won’t have to deal with application fees or credit checks, and you won’t need a cosigner. So what are the steps towards consolidating your student loan? If you apply for loan consolidation on line, you’ll have to enter your personal information, verify your personal information, agree and electronically sign your paperless application, and print your confirmation.

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