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For a college student with crippling debt, you might be apprehensive about the future. Is college loan consolidation on your mind? If your loans have varying and confusing interest rates, it might be. It should be.

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The very fact that you have taken on a loan makes you one to be applauded. While the trust fund babies and rich heirs and bloodsucking teenage pop queens have paid for their schooling on their parent’s dime, you have put in the hard work and bared the weight of financial responsibility on your broad, diligent shoulders. You have proven that you have to rely on no one else, no genetic lottery ticket, or golden burrito. As a streetwise and savvy investor, you have chosen multiple loans, transferred balances, always trying to find an edge, to get a lock on the best and cheapest interest rate you can. A penny saved is a penny earned, and you have earned a mountain sized vault worth of pennies. While these pennies have stunted the growth of your debt, this does not mean you are obligation free. Debt has a way of growing exponentially, feeding on your wallet, your emotional health, insidiously penetrating your very happiness like a pollution cloud of stress. These clouds hover and multiply to rain on your mind a thousand black droplets of dirty oil, and the only way to manage it is to combine these into one big drop that you can gradually wipe clean. College loans consolidation is the answer.

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College loan consolidation solves two issues. The first is the sheer number of loans can be a hindrance. Multiple interest rates can leave you unsure if you are truly getting the best deal. In fact, many interest rates often are a Trojan Horse, hidden with tricks that will elevate after the first year. Sweetheart deals like a cute puppy that grows old and ugly and has bad dog breath. Now it is lumbering around on your carpet, exhausting itself on the floor, covering your blankets in hair and slobber, and you aren’t quite sure but you suspect it has been watching you as you sleep, plotting with a knife in its teeth, and perhaps you are not certain when and how it learned to climb up on the shelf and pull out the kitchen knife from the wooden block, but it has, and soon it will act on its fiendish desires. This is what one bad loan is like, but this hellish odyssey is only the beginning of your troubles. For you have multiple loans, multiple plotting dogs and syphilitic cats and a hamster that has chewed your shoe and is crawling with what you think is rabies, only the disease has mutated into something far worse, possibly making you a patient zero of a much larger student loan pandemic. Without the benefit of a college loans consolidation, you have turned your life and mental health into a menagerie of evil, an aging unconsolidated albatross, a pustule on the sty of your indebted face, and you won’t really understand the full extent of the consequences or their maniacal interest based plan until it is far too late.

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With a college loans consolidation, you can remove yourself of this crazy scenario, this zoo of disillusioned clarity, by conflating your loans like Voltron into a single, manageable force. A college loan consolidation will merge your troubles into one easy payment, with a single interest rate you can manage and, more importantly, understand. You will not miss a payment due to the whirlwind of bills and statements, nor will you be troubled by their constant stressful reminder of a life indebted to the system. That emotional animal pain has been transmogrified into a nice, healthy doberman, and while its size is large and looming it is obedient and easy to care for. You know what you have to deal with, and you have the equipment and capacity to deal with it. It is not what you had before, a carnival madness of debt and self-destruction. That is all in the past now, your nonplussing statements all tossed into the recycle bin. You are free, the rain clouds of oil now replaced by the healthy shafts of college loans consolidation based sunlight.

As you look to the future and a career, it will all seem the more sweeter because you earned it through sheer dedication and effort. Those who have not gone through the rigors of paying their own tuition will not only be spoiled, they will not be able to appreciate the journey you have taken. You have conquered the mountain and have a cap and gown to mark this accomplishment. You will earn a healthy living doing what you love, and gradually pay off the loans that helped you get it. With the help of a simple college loan consolidation, that plural can become a singular tense. That plurality of stress and panic can be wiped away efficiently as you operate. Penny loaned, penny paid, and now all the pennies belong only to you.

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