Go To College With A Cheerleading Scholarship

Go To College With A Cheerleading Scholarship

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A major part of a good upbringing is a decent education. Parents have diverse financial resources but they also have different means of organizing their children’s education. Some parents are better at it than others. Likewise, not all children want to become doctors or dentists, no matter what their parents would like and most of us thank God for that. Diversity is the spice of life, because luckily we are not all the same.

Paying for your child’s higher education is quite another thing. The costs of higher education never seem to fall , despite the fact that there is a depression and parents are being laid off. State funding is also in question. Therefore, there is a huge pressure on the subsidies that are available.

If you are short of the requisite amount of money to send your child to college or pay for it yourself, you will have to use your best talent to try to secure a grant from private industry. You alone know what you or your child is best at and the game is to take advantage of that talent in order to attract a grant.

One of the kinds of scholarship that is often overlooked by the academically inclined is a cheerleading scholarship. If you can dance, if you are out-going and if you like showing off, you might get a cheerleading grant, even if you want to study pure or applied mathematics! Tangents off this variation are scholarships for gymnastics and track events.

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There are four things to consider when seeking a cheerleading grant and they can all be made to begin with the letter ‘W’, so that they are easy to remember.

First find out WHO is in charge of cheerleading in your school and if they know where you can go to get more information. If the coach in your school is not up to speed, go higher. Go over his or her head, otherwise you may miss out. If that does not work out, ask around for big local sports teams and write to the sports club directly.

Once you have the relevant information about where the clubs are, find out WHAT they require from you. A good tactic would be to look at old games and practise the moves that the cheerleaders do in those games. Once you know the cheerleading moves from previous games, you will have shown an interest in the club.

Find out whether the fund that you are applying to has limitations on WHERE you can be educated. Will you be constrained to the USA? If you want to study English in London, that will be a difficulty

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Find out WHEN the application has to be sent in by. In other words, what are the deadlines.

There is a lot to do if you want a ‘free education’ no matter which way you try to obtain it. The point of this piece is to make you conscious of the fact that you do not have to only go down the road of applying for academic grants or even sports grants, things like cheerleading subsidies are also out there.

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