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One day all active soldiers come to a point where it’s time to rejoin civilian life. The good news is there’s the GI Bill, which since 1944 has furthered this adjustment through post-military scholarships. Initially it was to help veterans go to school on campus, but with the rise of the web the GI Bill has little issue with granting military grants to online colleges. You’ll find information on grant for online school can get you the educational start you need.

According to the Veterans Administration (VA), there are four basic types of government funding. Any former servicemen looking for a military grant to an online college should keep these in mind. Would-be students should also check the VA for private forms of funding. That said, the four main sources are:

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Post-9/11 GI Bill: Is also called the 21st Century GI Bill of Rights. Introduced by Virginia Senator Jim Webb, the law pays veterans’ college expenses to a similar extent the original GI Bill did after World War II. The act includes funding 100% to a veteran who served three years of active duty since September 11, 2001. The act also provides the ability for the veteran to transfer benefits to a spouse or children after serving, or agreeing to serve, ten years.

Montgomery GI Bill: This is the original bill from Roosevelt, with many of its parts still in effect. Among the things it also included were low-interest home loans and even one year’s unemployment after leaving the service.

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REAP: Also known as the Reserve Educational Assistance Program, this act is available to all reservists who, after September 11, 2001, complete 90 days or more of active duty service in support of contingency operations. This benefit provides reservists return from active duty with up to 80% of the active duty GI Bill benefits as long as they remain active participants in the reserves.

MGIB-SR: Which stands for Montgomery GI Bill-Selected Reserve, this program is available to members of the Selected Reserve, including the Army National Guard and Air National Guard. This benefit may be used for degree and certificate programs, flight training, apprenticeship/on-the-job training and correspondence courses.

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As of January, 2010 the VA reports the following about the Post-9/11 Bill. 164,144 individuals enrolled under the GI Bill, and 130,309 of them received payments. That leaves 34,000 students still waiting, which is down from about 240,000 last August. It pays about 4,500 students per day. It takes, on average, 47 days to process payments from the day the school certifies enrollment. 352,281 people have applied and 292,896 have received one. Prepare yourself initially by researching GI Bill education so you have the details you need for your own best choices.

While the VA is working to meet the needs of military students, there is still a lag in distribution of educational funds for graduate school scholarships. Keeping on top of the current information on GI Bill education and other programs is a good idea for anyone thinking of advancing their education.

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