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by Becki Andrus

Student loan debt is a terrible debt that can follow you the rest of your life, if you don’t find a good way to resolve it. Student loan debt is sort of the double-edged financial sword many find themselves in at one point in their lives. You often spend hundreds of thousands on education to only find yourself at the end of the journey with a mountain of debt and looking for a job. There are many different ways to handle student loan debt, but the most popular are through debt consolidation, by forming your own resolution settlements or working hard to pay them off the smart way.

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Debt consolidation is a loan and financial service offered by companies with experience in debt consolidation and with loans specifically formatted around the debt consolidation concept and needs. A debt consolidation loan is one that is used to pay off all other existing loans leaving you with one loan and subsequently one payment and one interest rate. This can be done with student loans and can often bring down the average interest rate and monthly payment you are making on all the loans separately.

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When looking to pay off your student loan debt over time and in the smartest way possible, you first need to know and understand that debt to put together a plan of action. List your student loans from highest to smallest balance and start the two with the highest interest rate. This is the order you need to pay them off in. However, you must continue to make at least the minimum payment on all the loans while you are working toward paying down the highest balance, in order to keep your credit in good status. If you go through and systematically work to do this, you can pay off your student loans within a few years.

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The last way most used to pay off student loan debt is through debt resolution settlements. This is a form of negotiation to help you save money on the overall balance of the loan and the potential balance that would be accrued from interest over the life of the loan. In order for you to be successful in this endeavor, you need to have a lump sum of negotiating money to offer and distribute to your loan holders. You can then work on negotiating them down and offer to pay them in one lump sum and be done with the loan.

Regardless, of which of these methods is for you, often the presence of a student loan debt can be positive on your future credit if you handle it correctly. Avoid defaulting and always work toward a resolution to keep creditor happy and yourself out of a bad situation.

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