Home Loan Refinance Information

Home Loan Refinance Information

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by John Bear

If you have a home loan and your property went up in a ten percent or more value since you took out your current loan, you might make a good candidate for refinancing. It cannot only save you money on your mortgage payments, but it can also improve your terms, or both.

The bank uses your home as collateral for the loan when you take out a home loan. So the more expensive the collateral is, the lower will be the bank’s risk that you may default on the loan and walk away from that collateral.

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If, over the years, the collateral’s value grows, the bank’s risk is then reduced and you should be able to qualify for a lower rate. And if somehow, your home went up in by ten percent or more in value, the bank will consider your home loan to a less risky investment, thus offering you a lower rate. But this is of course, assuming that you have the same job and income, made all your payments on time, and your market interest rates are the same or lower.

A lower interest rate can truly benefit you in several ways. You can just go for a home loan refinance and lower your monthly payments, or have your shorter loan term refinanced so you would be making the same monthly payments, but would be capable of paying off your home sooner.

Before having to home loan refinance, you will need to consider the cost of doing the refinance and then compare it to the savings. If it will be costing you $5,000 to refinance and your savings are only $25 per month, it will not be worth it, as it would take you over 16 years to just break even. But if your savings run at $250 per month, or 5 years worth of mortgage payments, then it would be a good idea to refinance your home loan.

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And so, before you apply for a home loan, it is important to ask for copies of your credit reports and review them carefully for any errors. If there are errors, you will need to immediately dispute the errors with each credit agency.

Another helpful tip is to do comparison shopping for a mortgage, as it will help you find the best home loan offer. The Internet is a wonderful tool for locating and comparing mortgage offers quickly. You can quickly screen mortgage loans from dozens of lenders with just a little time and effort.

A common mistake of homeowners when doing home loan refinance is rushing things through and just accepting the first promising offer they receive. It is important to take your time and learn more about mortgage terminology, as it will really let you understand home loan offers in detail. Keep in mind, you will be able to save yourself more money if you never rush on your financial decisions.

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