Plan Retirement with a Budget

Plan Retirement with a Budget

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by Basdeo Paul

Is there enough money accumulating in your 401k to actually retire? For many the answer is no and they will not discover the truth until the money runs out and they are back at work at seventy years old. Protect your retirement by saving money now. With help from a detailed budget you will be on your way to an easy retirement.

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Do you want to retire at 65? Most people do. You probably want to live to be 85 or 90 even. That is 20 to 25 years that you will spend with no income. That means that you need to start saving today in order to enjoy life and relax in your golden years.

In order to save efficiently you really need a goal in mind when you start. For a worry free retirement many people need to have about half a million dollars in the bank. Instead of randomly picking a large number like this you can be more accurate by creating a budget for your retirement years. Figure up how much you need for rent, bills and other expenses for each year. Then multiply that by 20 or 25 to come up with your savings goal.

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After creating a savings goal you might feel it is hopeless. You can never save that much money. Well, with a good budget now you will be surprised how much money you really have. You can do simple things like cutting out coffee shop visits and trips to the drive thru. The average person can save several thousand a year by eliminating those two things alone. You can also become a bargain shopper and clip coupons to save extra money. By creating a strict budget for yourself now you will be able to enjoy life after work.

Once you know how much you need and how much you can afford to save you can try to make the two numbers add up by finding some safe investments for your money. A mutual fund or a high interest savings account will help your money multiply on its own. All of this budgeting and calculating can get pretty confusing. If you need help with this or other financial issues you can use an online financial calculator. There are many to choose from that are easy to use at

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Life is meant to be lived. Save your money now so that you can enjoy the end of your life without working or worrying about money. You can do it. No matter what you are making with the right budget and plenty of discipline you will be able to retire on time and enjoy the rest of your life.

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