Guide On Applying A PSBank Savings Account

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Philippine Savings Bank, commonly known as PSBank, is a savings bank based in the Philippines. PSBank is a member of BancNet, a Philippine-based interbank network connecting the ATM networks of more than forty local banks. It is also a subsidiary of Metrobank that offers basic services like Internet, telephone and mobile banking.

If you are considering to apply for a new bank account at PSBank, you should list down all requirements and prepare it before going to the bank. Make sure you bring all requirements so that you will have a fast processing of your application.

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When applying for a new PSBank account, you can adhere to the following guidelines to experience a smooth transaction or processing of your new account.

1. Before going to the bank, select first which branch is near your house or place of work for you to go there easily whenever there is a problem for your account.

2. Prepare all requirements before visiting the bank to have a quick processing of your application. Usual requirements include recent and valid IDs, 1×1 photo ID and billing statement.

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3. Ready your money for the initial deposit of your new bank account. The normal initial deposit for passbook and ATM savings account is P5,000 and P2,000, respectively. For peso checking account, the initial deposit for new bank account would be P5,000.

4. Once you arrive at the bank, you should proceed directly to the new account desk. Inform the bank officer you want to open a new bank account and then you will be given forms and signature cards. You must fill it up with the necessary data completely.

5. Give to the bank officer all the requirements and application forms together with your initial deposit for verification and processing of your application.

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6. Claim your passbook or ATM card after one week had passed or you may ask the bank employee when it will be ready for you to be sure. You may also authorize other relatives or friends to get your ATM provided you give then authorization letters and copy of your ID.

PSBank is subsidiary of Metrobank and one of the most trusted banks in the Philippines. In order to open a new bank account at PSBank, you should have the complete requirements before visiting the branch of your choice. Remember to bring all requirements with you.

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