Know More Of T4506 Services

Know More Of T4506 Services

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Do you have problems with your 4506T tax return verification? Is it taking too long for you to get your tax return verification? Do you need some briefing for filing tax procedures or verifying tax returns? Do you have terms or acronyms in the tax form that you do not understand? Are you aware of all the procedures on how to verify you income tax?

Fraud Prevention Services

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Get rid yourself of this stress. We at Credit Data Corp. are always available here to assist you with tax matters. Using state-of-the-art technology our company can provide you with fully automated service, streamlining and online response which rids your headache from long hours of waiting. With our fast response, you are assured that we provide the service you want when you want it.

Affordable Tax Income Verification offers 4506T tax return verification services. Its tax verification services also include 1040, W2, 1065, 1099, 1120 and TFV (tax filing verification; no income data) with up to 4 years of results available straight from the IRS. With this ability, Credit Data Corp ensures that customers get what they need in time when they need it!

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Credit Data Corp. is positioned on the pedestal as a leader in the industry by offering ROA (Record of Account) requests at NO extra cost!

Should you avail the services of Credit Data Corp., you can be confident that your Form 4506T requests will only take anywhere from 6-60 days if filed yourself directly with the IRS. But here’s more. We are able to get over 92% of our 4506T verifications back in 24 hours or less, sometimes even same day! Credit Data Corps direct connection to BOTH the IRS and Social Security Administration, ensures quicker turnaround times, wholesale pricing and accurate results the first time!

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Tax Return Verifications offers the BEST pricing in the industry with prices as low as $10 for a 2 year TRV request. We wish to give you the best service. Should you need anything related to income tax verifications please do not hesitate to call us now, 866-318-6304.

If you have any questions or would like a price quote, please contact one of Credit Data Corps experienced customer service agents at 866-318-6304 and they will be more than happy to help you!

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