Why Would I Use Outsourced Administrative Services?

Why Would I Use Outsourced Administrative Services?

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The simplest reason to outsource is to save time and money. Outsourcing to a reputable, competent local or distant company allows you to focus on customer relationships, business strategy and goals.

Outsourcing some business processes allows you to focus your time and resources on the most important tasks, while still maintaining managerial control. This helps your company to be more efficient, profitable, and competitive because you receive expert assistance with non-revenue generating and time-consuming tasks. By doing so, you will reduce payroll because you have replaced the need to hire an in-house employee, which not only would add the cost of wages, but also payroll taxes, benefits, worker’s compensation insurance, and possibly training. By not hiring an employee, you also eliminate the need to provide an office, equipment, and software. Remain confident that, while you have chosen to delegate tasks to an outside source who can do certain tasks better, cheaper, and quicker than you, you still remain in full managerial control.

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Because of technological advances, including ASPs (application service providers), many tasks can be performed off-site. A bookkeeper, for example, can use an ASP to remotely access portions of your network you authorize. Likewise, you as the owner of the business, can also choose to access the accounts on your network at any time from any location from which you can connect your computer.

Bookkeeping tasks are not the only tasks that you can outsource. Many other administrative tasks are available. Depending on your needs and the outsourced company’s particular proficiencies, you may choose to seek assistance with general office organization, filing, data processing, scheduling travel and appointments, purchasing, correspondence, transcription, proofreading, travel arrangements, research or virtually any other office-related tasks. Without the commitment of hiring a full-time or long-term employee, outsourcing affords you the flexibility and freedom to handle tasks only when and where needed.

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While the phrase “outsourcing” may wrongly elicit impressions of sending certain business functions overseas, know that outsourcing can be a very viable tool to maximize business revenue while keeping overall costs down. Outsourcing, whether locally or globally, is a wise business move to maximize the expertise of others to the benefit of your own business.

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