File 1040ez Online: Receive Quicker Returns & More

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You can save yourself time and file 1040ez online. Filing online is becoming more and more popular. Not only because it can save you time, but because it is so convenient. There are even online tax service professionals specially qualified to help you if you wish to go this route.

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Though the 1040ez form can only be used by certain individuals, keep in mind that there are many other online tax forms available, one of which is likely to work for you.

In order to file 1040ez online you’ll need to be under 65 years of age, meet certain income criteria, and be filing as a single or married (filing jointly) person. This form works best if your tax returns are simple. Your reportable income must be less than $100,000 and no dependants came be claimed when using this form.

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To file 1040ez online you will first need to gather your tax information, such as a copy of last year’s tax return, your W-2′s, and any other applicable forms you may have such as a 1099. You will also need to be ready to provide your social security number (or individual taxpayer identification number), name, date of birth, mailing address, and filing status. You will also need to secure an e-file PIN number from the IRS.

Once you have gathered all of the necessary information, you’ll be ready to simply enter it in to the proper online form slots, and then send it in to the IRS, electronically of course. After you file 1040ez online, you’ll receive a confirmation notice directly from the IRS, and you can expect any tax refunds to arrive in approximately two weeks or more.

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There are many advantages to filing your taxes online. Convenience is one of the top reasons. Nothing has to be printed, signed, or mailed. Also, electronic submissions are likely to be processed quicker by the IRS, giving you a faster turnaround time. And you don’t have to pay postage, or any paper processing service fees.

When you file 1040ez online you can also rest assured that your tax information will arrive in a secure fashion, decreasing the risk of important personal information falling into the wrong hands. For any refunds, you can have them sent to you through the mail or directly deposited into your bank account.

Overall, the process of efiling your taxes is simple, and is often completely free. If efiling is new to you, there are tax professionals online who can easily walk you through the efiling process. They can even efile them directly if you’d like. File 1040ez online next tax season and experience the advantages of doing so for yourself.

File 1040ez online to uncover some of the perks to efiling. Learn how and who can file 1040ez online.

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  • File 1040ez Online: Receive Quicker Returns & More
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