Discovering When And How To Donate Car To Charity

Discovering When And How To Donate Car To Charity

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Although there are more charitable organizations to which one can donate car now more than ever before, if one wants to feel the best possible about such a donation, one may want to look online for an organization with which one aligns with both philosophically or politically. For, often such vehicles are sold in order to keep such organizations operating and in the black. As such, if one donates any items to an organization in which one may have opposing beliefs, one may not feel as good about such donations as otherwise.

However, the reality of receiving such a credit often depends upon the gross proceeds which the organization receives for such a vehicle, especially if valued over five hundred dollars. Although, if one desires to donate a car that is valued under such amount, the owner generally determines the value of such a donation. Still, before donating or selling any such vehicle, one may want to assure one understands such values by looking up such values in a blue book, or asking for an estimate at a local dealership.

Of course, when one has such a vehicle to donate, both the individual and the organization tend to benefit. For, whether one has a car worth more or less than five hundred dollars, one can often receive a tax credit equal to the proceeds which such an organization receives from the sell of such a vehicle. As such, although one may want to know the value of the car at the time any such donation is made, one still only receives the tax credit for the amount received by such an organization.

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Still, while car donation advertising has become more prevalent and more individuals are considering donating vehicles more than ever before, there are a few steps which an individual must take before one can receive a tax deduction for a donation. For example, donors must meet specific post-donation requirements in order to qualify to receive a deduction. However, if one simply needs to get rid of an older or non-working car to make space and has no need for a tax credit or deduction, many charitable organizations are still more than happy to take such an automobile as a donation without issuing such a credit.

Although, there may be others who have no need for such a tax deduction but need to rid oneself of an old automobile or automobiles. As such, one can often donate a number of vehicles and other items to various charities without requesting such a credit. However, unless one has written proof of such donations, one is not going to be able to request a tax credit or deduction for the current tax year.

Also, if any one vehicle is worth less than five hundred dollars, then the owner must provide an estimate of the value which can at times be more than the charity may receive in such a sale. Of course, deductions of greater than $500 are limited to the amount such a charity may receive for the vehicle whether at auction, for junk metal value or on the open market.

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In addition, one may want to read through all tax related paperwork and instructions relating to such donations. For, often such tax laws can change quickly and without notice. As such, it is good to read any and all instructions related to IRS paperwork each and every year before preparing taxes, requesting such credits or filing same.

Therefore, although there are critics to the tax credits given in return when one decides to donate car to charity, overall the system believed to be gaining popularity. For example, over 700,000 vehicles have been donated since 2000, with more than five hundred million being received in tax credits in the U. S. Alone. As such, it is easy to see that whether critics continue to claim such donations are only acting as a tax shelter, or otherwise, that many charitable organizations and individuals alike are benefiting from such programs.

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