Lemon Laws in Louisiana: Why Do You Need An Attorney?

Lemon Laws in Louisiana: Why Do You Need An Attorney?

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Many people who are on the verge of making a lemon law in Louisiana claim often wonder if they really need an attorney to proceed with the litigation. Even though the provision of representing yourself does exist, it may not be the most prudent decision considering the fact that you will have to go against a veritable wall of lawyers to get to the manufacturer. And, you need to remember that these guys spend every waking moment discrediting lemon law claims so they certainly know what to do and what to say. But you on the other hand may only have dismal knowledge about the lemon laws in Louisiana. It will also be worthwhile to know that lemon laws differ from state to state and even though the general tenets are the same; the laws can be very different in terms of what is covered.

Also, the legal procedure associated with lemon laws in Louisiana is complex; the law itself has several loopholes that can be exploited to throw out the consumers claim. Then again, you cannot expect the manufacturer to come barging in admitting his fault. Instead you will find that most manufacturer will vehemently deny any responsibility while some may even go so far enough to blame you for the problem, anything that will stop them from having to pay you. But taking the right attorney along can increase your chances of success significantly besides the attorney will be in a position to ensure that you and your interests are well protected through out the life of the lemon law claim

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Another issue that people face when representing themselves in lemon law matters is the inevitable out of court settlement; most lemon law cases are settled by way of negotiation between the consumer and the manufacturer. Now, even though you can negotiate for yourself, the manufacturer’s lawyers will do the negotiating on behalf of the establishment and they will not b opposed to using tactic that will scare and intimidate you so that you are compelled into settling for the lowest figure. But when you have an attorney along, he will do the talking for you which means that he will know exactly you should be getting and he will go after it with all his legal might. On the other hand if the matter does not get settled out of court, you will still need an attorney who has a lot of persistence and patience to see the matter through to its verdict.

When looking for an attorney who can take on cases related to lemon laws in Louisiana, ensure that you check his/her credentials. The internet is a good place to find feedback on just about any service provider or establishment. As a matter of fact there are websites that offer listings of attorney who handle specific matters such as lemon law cases. Approach at least two attorney, talk to them, discus your issue. Make sure that you ask them about any other similar matters that they may have handled in the past and what was the outcome. A good and reputable attorney will understand your concerns and will not have any problems divulging this information. However, if you find a lawyer who is less than keen to tell you about his past conquests, its time to move on to the next guy in line.

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Do not let the fear of paying through your nose for the attorney hold you back. Most lemon law attorneys offer a free initial consultation and will be happy to represent you without legal fees. This does not mean that they are fighting pro bono; it simply means that they take on cases that have merit so that they can be reasonably sure about the chances of winning. Once the ruling is in your favor the manufacturer will also have to pay the attorney’s fees among other expenditures. So if you have contemplating self representation, do yourself a favor and get in tough with a good attorney.

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