Writing Off Your Inkjet Printer Come Tax Time

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Buying one of the top ten inkjet printers, while not precisely over expensive, can be a one time hit to your budget, but if you need a printer for your home or small business, it’s something you can’t avoid. Inkjet printers have been coming down in cost of course, but you still have to buy ink, paper and of course the printer itself. Did you know that you can recoup some of these payments come tax time?

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If you use your printer mostly for business, then you can write off it and any affiliated costs (paper, ink even repairs) on your taxes. This can help you to recoup the taxes you’ll have to pay on the income for your business. Make sure to keep track of all of your receipts on a spreadsheet and file folder; even little expenses like a new USB cord can be added to the deductions list and it all counts.

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Keeping track of everything will make it a lot easier come tax time; you’ll have a sum to deduct plus breakdowns of how it all works in case you are audited. It also makes it a lot faster to file them, whether you go through an accountant or do it yourself. Having everything neatly on hand means that the process is shortened considerably. So what can you deduct?

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-The printer itself, as long as it’s primarily used for business -Accessories such as the paper and ink -Replacement parts such as USB cords -Some repairs (make sure to ask).

If you do your own taxes, it’s still a good idea to get a bit of consultation for at least the first time around because there may be deductions to take advantage of that you weren’t even aware of and then remember that for the years where you may choose to do your own taxes. Keep track of everything that could be possibly related to business expenses in order to keep the amount you’ll have to pay back to the government low.

Inkjet printers are a necessity in many home businesses and in small businesses so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to reclaim some of the losses come tax time. Make sure to keep all of your receipts and file them properly and you’ll be able to drop the amount of money you owe the government come the dreaded tax month of April.

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