Lexmark T420d Monochrome Laser Printer: Humble Office Worker

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Frankly speaking, testing black-and-white laser printers is not interesting. It’s been a while since they learned how to correctly print the text of 1 pt height, deal with very complex graphics and very accurately reproduce the radial lines so that the human eye no longer captures the differences between different models. Using a microscope makes no sense – the pages produced by laser printers are usually looked at just with the naked eye.

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All is left is to evaluate indirect features of the printer, such as, the pleasure of contemplating its body, the quality and functionality of the trays, as well as the thickness of the power cable. Last half of the previous sentence is, of course, a joke, but everything else is quite true. More than half of their “weight” in the testing of modern laser printers own to the additional functionality.

Fortunately, Lexmark T420d has no problems with additional functions, as well as with everything else.

First, pay attention to the print speed. 21 pages per minute is enough for virtually any small or even not so small offices. The declared first page out time looks impressive, too. The 272 megabytes of memory, which may be installed in this printer, are huge, but the most important highlight of this printer is that even the most basic version includes automatic two-sided printing unit. In general, there is little remarkable in the unit itself, but its usefulness is difficult to overestimate, and it usually costs pretty money. So its presence in not very expensive devices with very decent performance is impossible to remain unnoticed.

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In the basic configuration, the input capacity is not very large, but with additional trays it can be increased up to 850 sheets. Lexmark T420d is able to print up to 50,000 pages per month, and has a cartridge with a fairly large supply of toner. This, of course, is benefit, as you’d have to replace it less often. Standard USB and LPT ports can optionally be enhanced with internal print server. Notable are the very low noise and the small dimensions, among other characteristics of the printer.

The exterior of the printer a very much conventional: a box like many others. Feeder for A4 sheets is located at the bottom, non-standard media is loaded from the front; the output is collected in top of the device. For printers in this class, such design is rather standard. The printer only has two buttons, ‘Continue’ and ‘Cancel’, with self-evident functions. There are 6 LED indicators: ‘Ready/Data’, ‘Low toner’, ‘Load/Remove paper’, ‘Paper Jam’, ‘Error’, ‘Press continue’, and their purpose, too, needs no explanation.

Three types of drivers are included into the delivery shipment: PCL, PS, and PCL and PS together. They all are set up and work seamlessly. Variety of future users of the Lexmark T420d is not restricted to followers of Windows OS – there are drivers for even such exotics as UNIX AIX.

The first page is actually delivered in if not 10, then 11 seconds for sure. Printing pace at 5% sheet coverage do not match the announced, but in only one page. The device prints 20 ppm at 600 dpi resolution. In duplex-printing mode, Lexmark T420d produces up to 7 full-color ppm.

Saying a significant thing about the publishing value carrying with special tests and investigation utilizing super devices is very difficult. Everything on produced pages is clearly visible; the radial rays converge nearly in the center. Even at 300 dpi resolution and the smallest toner density, the value of printing is very good. The distinction between the 300 dpi and 600 dpi modes is evident, but the pages printed at 1200 dpi with IQ Technology and 600 dpi modes are identical.

It does smell ozone (and quite significantly) when printing, but there is no noise during work. Well, actually there is some, but not so much, and definitely less than from other printers in this class. Normal paper is served without any problems, we never managed to get the printer to jam it. However, it’s not the case with rumply paper: it remains in the printer, and you’d have to give it some effort to get it. Thick paper is no problem, the printer swallowed it without issues.

Lexmark T420d may stand still in the corner, and use printer toner to do its job quietly, issuing some ozone from time to time. Duplex printing will be appreciated by those who save paper and time, and high speed printing. For the price it’s something very attractive; get it, if you want to get a Lexmark toner cartridge driven high-speed printer.

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