Pamper your Skin with Healing Benefits of Argan Oil

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Argan Oil is rare and precious and therefore expensive to produce. It has a unique nutty fragrance that when applied is fairly neutral. Heavily concentrated you don’t need a lot for great results. It is often mixed with lower quality carrier oils such as Apricot Kernel Oil, Grape-seed Oil or Sesame Seed Oil. This is cheaper for the manufacturer, but less beneficial for you. Argan Oil absorbs easily into the skin by applying just a few drops between your fingers or the palm of your hand. You can apply directly to dry skin or use it as an overall massage treatment. Pure Argan Oil is best and well worth the extra cost.

Here are just a few of the skin benefits of Argan Oil:

Skin moisturizing – Did you know that Argan Oil is considered better than Shea butter and olive oil as these two have high fatty acid content. Argan Oil doesn’t have any cholesterol making it an exceptional skin hydrating and moisturizer Naturally!

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Balanced pH – We have all heard about pH and the importance of balance. Argan Oil is a natural pH balance and helps restore and maintain healthy skin.

Your mother told you to never use oil on your skin? Argan Oil is known to actually reduce the incidence of oily skin through it’s natural sebum which helps control your skin’s oil secretions.

Skin toning – Given the high vitamin E content Argan oil naturally softens and contours the your skin. This helps reduce the effect of scaring, acne, wrinkles and other unwanted blemishes.

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Stretch marks – I used Argan oil every day during my two pregnancies and it worked wonders. It helps condition the skin so as to minimize the risk of stretch marks.

Makeup Removal – did you know that you can use a few drops of Argan Oil on a cotton ball to remove safely and naturally your makeup. It cleans and conditions your skin without all the skin drying effects of alcohol based products.

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I am not a scientist, but like many of you I have the experience of many years as a consumer. Having tried many, many products I am always drawn back to natural formulas. The more natural the better, in my view. Yes, products need to have certain additives for preserving shelf life, but hopefully these are kept at a minimum. My recommendation…always read the label. Do some homework and learn a bit about what is necessary and what is considered dangerous. Just look them up on the internet and you will find out all you need to know to make an informed decision.

My conclusion – seek pure and natural products, always read the label and buy from a reputable company. Don’t be afraid to send an email asking for their advise regarding their products. If they don’t respond then they may not be a company you want to buy from.

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