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It ‘s a misplaced thinking that an unsecured loan always has to be of a top expense for the borrowers such as tenants or non-homeowners. Nowadays you are in a far better position in taking cheap unsecured loan thanks to the current cut throat competition amongst lenders. Of course you as a tenant or non-homeowner would be conference some conditions laid down by the lenders providing cheap unsecured loan. Even home owners who do not need to give collateral are also eligible for cheap unsecured loan.

Lenders in the UK usually lend unsecured bad credit loans ranging from a minimum of $500 to a maximum of $25,000. Unsecured bad credit loans customarily bear a high rate of interest, as the loan is not backed by any property. Lenders try to cover his cost of lending by charging a higher rate of interest, but you may get an opportunity to borrow loan at a lower rate of interest if you do a bit of searching.

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The only thing which pinches in the minds of borrower while taking an unsecured debt consolidation loan is the higher interest rates. This is because of the reality that the risk of the lender is not secured. Therefore, the lender charges a slightly higher rate of interest to cover up that danger. But this only demerit of an unsecured debt consolidation loan is not comparable to the advantage which it offers.

Unsecured debt consolidation loans are not secured by any collateral like a home or a car. These are mostly in the form of private loans. Private loans are one path of paying off credit card debt if one does not own a home or a car. Plenty banks offer such plans for their customers who have a acceptable banking history with them. However, interest rates on unsecured personal loans could be higher than a secured home-equity line of credit.

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If a home equity loan or refinancing are not an option, you can consider transferring your high interest balances to a low rate credit card. This will lower monthly payments and make is possible to reduce debts. Another choice involves consolidating debts through a credit counseling or debt management agency. These agencies negotiate lower interest rates, and consolidate debts without collateral or credit checks.

Having one specific debt consolidation company to do this for you makes the process much simpler, and reduces your burden dramatically. Of course, with an unsecured loan, the benefits of not having to provide collateral is certainly an added advantage.

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