Why Purchase A Portable Water Filter?

Why Purchase A Portable Water Filter?

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Bottled filtered water can really add up over time, this is especially true if purified water is the only type of water you drink. A portable water filter can save you somewhere from $50 to $100 a year depending on how much water you usually buy, and it’s incredibly convenient to pick up and drink anytime.

Portable filters also permit you to carry them wherever you go, so you are never without that clean water taste that you have grown to love. In this case, you can put a price on your health and safety because the price differences are so big between filtering your own water and buying it in a bottle. If you have never done the math on how much you have spent on water in over a year, now is the time to do it. You could be spending too much.

How is A Portable Water Filter Produced?

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The portable water filter component in these bottles is made from low density polyethylene and features replaceable filters for longer bottle life. Any impurities that make the water have an odor or taste impure are removed prior to drinking. The portable water filter’s special design makes it extremely simple to take anywhere and most of these bottles can be cleaned easily by rinsing under the tap in the kitchen or by putting the bottle in the dishwasher.

Are Portable Water Filters Good for the Environment?

When you buy a portable water filter, you are also doing something that is good for the environment. Portable water filters are thought to be an environmentally sound product because they keep consumers from buying so much bottled water. The general plastic bottle has a typical decomposition rate of 500 years or half a millennium. Billions of used plastic water bottles are already filling up overcrowded landfills and littering up the water supply of our oceans, rivers, and streams. The portable water filter gets you out of the bottled water market.

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Buying A Portable Water Filter

Keep an eye out when it comes to buying portable water filters. There are many cheap options out there that don’t do a decent job when it comes to purifying your water. Often could not be constructed so as to last for longer than a few months or so. This makes them future landfill stuffing as well. Decide on a decently made portable water filter bottle that has gotten great consumer reviews from other people.

Why spend hundreds of dollars a year on pre-purified water? Invest in a portable water filter and save your hard-earned money.

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