3 Reasons You Should Be Concerned About the Quality of Your Drinking Water

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There are a lot of things that we tend to take for granted, but one of the things that most people take for granted is water. If you go to a foreign country, you are instantly warned to not drink the water, and this is because it is not processed in the same way that the water in your own country is processed in. But anyone who has been foolhardy enough to drink the water immediately learns what it’s like to have to deal with the aftereffects of unprocessed and unhealthy water. It is important to get healthy water into your body, and in fact, doctors say that men should have 13 glasses of water a day and women should have 9 glasses of water, but we tend to take for granted that our water is healthy – is it?

But how healthy is your drinking water? No matter whether you live in a city or in the country, most people tend to sit by and assume that the drinking water that they are enjoying on a daily basis is safe. You wash in the water, clean your dishes and laundry in the water, and drink the water. If you think about how many times you turn on your tap for something, you may be surprised. But did you know that not all drinking water is safe? Even the drinking water that your city processes may not be as safe as you think it is.

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Bad Water

The truth of the matter is that even though we are drinking water that is supposed to be safe and that is supposed to be completely filtered, the water that we’re drinking isn’t necessarily as safe as we are led to believe that it is. But water is one of the most naturally occurring elements in the world. It falls from the sky and we have vast reserves of it in the form of lakes and streams, so what about it could be unhealthy? Turns out that there are a number of things that can make water unsafe to drink and there are many reasons why you should be concerned about the safety of your drinking water.

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1. Chlorine is something that is found in all processed water. Have you ever been into a pool? Then you likely know exactly what chlorine smells like, and it’s not a healthy smell. Chlorine is used in water treatment facilities because it is an extremely strong disinfectant. In the process of cleaning your water these facilities are supposed to be getting rid of the chlorine by filtering it out, but many times there is still chlorine left in your water after the treatment facility is done with it. Did you know that chlorine is actually being linked to bladder cancer, asthma, rectal cancer, and even breast cancer? That makes it very unhealthy.

2. Another reason why you should think twice about having your drinking water checked is because of bacteria and microorganisms. These little annoyances can get into drinking water pretty easily and things like giardia and cryptosporidium are the band of a water treatment facility’s existence, as they are immune to chlorine. What happens if it gets in your water? It can cause gastrointestinal diseases, which is not a pretty sight.

3. You know that lead is in some older houses, but did you know that your water may contain lead as well? Lead can be released accidentally into drinking water from municipal facilities and even your own pipes may be releasing lead into your water supply!

It is very important that you make sure that your drinking water is as safe as it can be, and one way to do that is with water testing kits. If you do find that you have unsafe water there are many filtration options available to you in order to help make your water more safe, and likely even more enjoyable, to drink.

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