Does My Shower Need a Filter?

Does My Shower Need a Filter?

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Do you have a water filter for your drinking water? You probably do. Many people do. You probably know all about the potentially dangerous things that have been found in everyday tap water and do not want to introduce them into your body. Good for you. Do you have a shower filter? You probably don’t. Most people fail to make the connection between the contaminants in their drinking water and the fact that that same water is coming through your showerhead. You may be thinking that because you don’t drink your shower water, this isn’t a problem, but that is not necessarily true.

One of the main reasons those who do use shower filters use them is hard water. Hard water is water that has a high concentration of dissolved mineral. These minerals are not a problem health wise, but they can wreak havoc on the quality of your shower. Hard water can leave deposits in showerheads, as well as sinks, bathtubs and toilets. These deposits clog the way for water to pass through. If you have ever noticed trickling (instead of free flowing) water and greenish-brown buildup on your showerhead, you have hard water deposits.

If you have noticed that water seems to slowly trickle rather than freely flow from your shower, you may have hard water build up. You may also notice that your soap and shampoo doesn’t later very well. It is not the soap. It is the water. Hard water prevents soaps from lathering, and it can leave your hair and skin feeling dry.

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There is a remedy. Shower filters are relatively inexpensive and are usually easy to install. Just like a drinking water filter, they catch and remove dissolved solids and allow the water to flow. Many people do not even know they have hard water. They assume the shower stains, dry skin and hair, and poor lather are simply facts of life they have come to accept and expect.

Even if you do not have hard water, you likely have chlorine and other chemicals in your water that can affect your hair and skin. Studies have shown everything from pharmaceutical medication to arsenic in everyday tap water. This is what you could be showering with. A shower filter would help to remove these contaminants. Your mouth is not the only way substances enter your body. The things you put on your skin also make their way into your body.

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These days, we are constantly bombarded with unnecessary and harmful chemicals in the air, food and water. Anything we can do to reduce our exposure to these chemical is greatly beneficial to our overall health. If you have taken measures to filter your drinking water because you don’t want to consume unnecessary contaminants, it would be a good idea to also filter your shower water to prevent yourself from unintentionally consuming them through your pores. Your body doesn’t discriminate between toxins that are introduced through the mouth and those that are introduced through the skin. A harmful toxin is a harmful toxin, regardless of how it got there.

Considering the low cost of a shower filter, it is worth it to at least one out. If you find that your showering experience is no different, then do not replace the filter when it expires, but if you find that your soaps gets a better lather, your skin and hair are more moisturized, and your water flows more freely, you will wish you installed a shower filter long ago.

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