Common Myths About Water Filters

Common Myths About Water Filters

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There are many different thoughts about water filters. Should you get a larger unit or just a small faucet one? Do they really make your water cleaner or is it all a gimmick? There are many truths and just as many myths out there concerning clean water and filters. Put yourself in the know by understanding the reality behind water filters, their benefits, and whether or not one should be installed in your home.

Myths may be what’s stopping you. There are several myths circulating around regarding water filters, keeping people from putting them in their home. Here are a few that you may have heard – and that you can most certainly ignore in the future.

My Water is Clean Enough

This is what most people assume. After all, that is the job of your public water treatment plant, is it not? Shouldn’t your water be safe to drink? Indeed, your water is safe to drink, but water treatment plants can only do so much. No system is perfect and impurities and contaminants can still get through. Likewise, they may be able to sneak in between the time that the water is treated and your home. A miniscule crack in a water pipe underground, for example. The simple fact is that having your own personal water filter is like having an extra layer of protectiveness between whatever may be in your water and your family. Clean water is good, but cleaner water is even better.

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I Don’t Need a Water Filter – I Already Soften My Water

There is a big difference between soft water and filtered water. First off, soft water is different than hard water in that it contains little to no dissolved calcium or magnesium. It is generally agreed that soft water is a better cleaner and easier on things like clothing in the long run. But just because your water is soft does not mean it is free of contaminants. The difference between hard water and soft water has nothing to do with the amount of impurities in the water. So if you enjoy soft water, great – but a water filter can still be beneficial. It is important to realize that a water filter will not change the chemical composition of your water. Rather, the water will travel though the filter where the various contaminants are either physically blocked from passing through or chemically attracted to the filter media. It’s still soft when it comes out your faucet, but much cleaner.

Water filters cost too much

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This is another idea that keeps people from buying a water filter. Oftentimes people assume that because a water filter is like a household appliance and needs to be installed it will cost a great deal of money. However, over the years companies have found ways to improve their filters while keeping costs at affordable levels. If you truly want to obtain a good water filter, a bit of research will reveal some high quality brands at excellent prices. If you find that it’s still a bit difficult to afford, try setting aside money just for a water filter. You’ll quickly see that with smart budgeting, a water filter can be installed in no time.

All Water Filters Can Take Contaminants Out of Water

Not so. Water filters are built differently in order to accommodate the many needs that people have. Some water filters are large in order to hold a lot of water. Others are smaller. They can use different filtration systems. Others may focus on catching as many contaminants as possible while others only have a design that catches specific impurities. If you aren’t sure what type you need, you can always contact someone knowledgeable on the subject. If you just need to know what kind of contaminants to look out for in your water, you can request a water quality report from your local water treatment center.

You have plenty of options available to you, so don’t discount something just because of what you hear. Remember, there is as much disinformation floating around as there is true information. Do your own research; find out the realities behind the benefits of water filters. When you see how much they can clean up your water, your only choice then will be which one to get.

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