Does Your Garden Need Filtered Water?

Does Your Garden Need Filtered Water?

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So you’re wondering about the quality of your gardening water. You know all about the importance of filtered drinking water, but you aren’t so sure if it is as important for a garden. The answer to that question depends on the answers to some other questions. It all boils down to the initial quality of your water and the type of garden you have.

How Good is Your Water?

The quality of your water depends on where you live. Some cities invest a lot of time and money into providing their inhabitants with clean water, but others do not. Some have taken the time replace old piping and research new filtration methods, but others simply haven’t made an effort. A visit to your city’s water department website or a call to their office should give you some preliminary information about the quality of your water. Find out about their testing methods and what they found in those tests. You can also look up comparative studies of water quality by state or city. If you find that your city’s water is good, you may not need a filter.

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What Type of Garden Do you Have?

Gardens can be divided into two main groups: flowers and food. Flower gardens are for beauty, and they may not need filtered water if your flowers are already thriving on your current water. However, if you feel your flowers aren’t reaching their full potential, it could be that the poor water quality is preventing them from blooming fully. Flowers are living. They may not be able to walk and talk, but they need water, air and nutrients just like a human. If the water they are getting is poor, they can get sick.

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If you grow food in your garden, then you need to pay even more attention to your water quality because you will be consuming the things you grow. The best way to figure out if you need a filter is to ask yourself if you willing to drink the water from your tap. If you are not, then you know you need a filter. The water that comes from your hose is the same water that comes from your tap. If it isn’t good enough to drink in the house, it is not good enough to water the plants you will be eating. It’s all the same water. They are all the same contaminants.

How Much Have You Invested in Your Garden?

Expert gardeners who have been at it for years have no problem paying for filtered water. Considering the investment they have made in the garden, the price of a filter is worth the cost. Organic eaters also have no problem with the extra cost. They value the quality of the food so much that they have purchased organic soil and seeds and would hate ruin that investment with unfiltered water. You, however, may not be a part of these groups. Perhaps you’re just starting out with your garden or are on a fixed budget. It may not seem worth it at this point to filter your water, but you may change your mind as you get better at gardening and grow more attached to your garden. People who want filtered water and see it as beneficial to their garden are more likely to be satisfied with their filters and more likely to maintain them. People who feel guilted into filtering their water are less likely to be satisfied, because they didn’t make the decision based on their true feelings. Filtering you water is a great thing to do, but you will only be satisfied with it if you truly see the benefit in filtering.

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