Creating Streams Of Income With The Numis Network

Creating Streams Of Income With The Numis Network

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Numis Network is a multilevel marketing business that sells gold, silver and other precious metal numismatic coins for collectors. A coin that is worth more than its minted value is known as a numismatic coin. For example, a silver dollar may be worth hundreds of dollars in the marketplace even though the minted value is only one dollar. Numismatic coins are not used as currency in commerce like ordinary coins.

Numismatic coins are often purchased by collectors who enjoy owning these fascinating and beautiful objects. It is thought by some that precious metals, like gold and silver, will always hold their value no matter what the economy is doing. Owning precious metal is considered an investment hedge in case there is a decline in the stock and bond markets. Coins have the advantage of having additional value because they are in demand as a collectible. In this case numismatic coins are viewed as an investment.

When you are involved with the Numis business you may participate on a number of levels. The most basic level is to be a retail customer of Numis products. Numis has a great product line of collectible rare coins at good retail prices. Many collectors do business with Numis only as frequent retail customers. Some customers choose to purchase a Fast Track Collector’s Kit in order to be eligible to obtain the coins at reduced prices. These customers are known as Preferred Customers.

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The Fast Track Collector’s Kit is core to the Numis business model. Once you purchase the Fast Track Collector’s Kit you may obtain the collectible numismatic coins at wholesale level reduced prices. The kit is sold by an Independent Collector’s Representative. When you buy a kit you may also purchase an option that will authorize you as a sales representative.

The Fast Track Collector’s Kit with the Associate Representative Basic Option will designate an Associate Representative. The Fast Track Collector’s Kit with the optional Executive Success System will designate an Executive Representative. As an Independent Collector’s Representative, you are entitled to be a Numis distributor. You will able to sell Numis coins retail and you may sell Fast Track Collector’s Kits.

It is possible to earn income from multiple streams with a Numis business operation. As a representative you can make $100 for every sale of a Fast Track Collector’s Kit. The company places no limit on the number of the kits you are allowed to sell. You earn commissions from your retail sales. Most sales are done on the internet. You will have your own company sponsored web page. A big source of income can possibly come from the bonuses that are paid out to you for your down line organization’s sales activity.

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With Numis you can choose the level of involvement with this enterprise. For some simply the joy of collecting the exquisite rare coins, is the sole purpose of their relationship with Numis. For others the Numis Network is their career. Whatever your participation level, you will find great satisfaction in these beautiful coins.

Whatever your personal level of commitment, Numis has great benefits to offer those who appreciate beautiful collectible rare numismatic coins. Whether you are a collector or a purveyor of precious metals, there are tangible benefits with the Numis Network. Contact an Independent Collector’s Representative to learn about this great opportunity.

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