Create Competitive Advantage In A Recession

Create Competitive Advantage In A Recession

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It’s continuing the recession time! Yes, it seems like forever that we have faced the economic conditions that do not favor small business so its time for these business to hunt for the clients that are available and get them to come to you. Of course, it can happen this way but you need to have a presence where these clients are. Using publicity and media helps you create an outreach strategy that puts you in their view. Competing with other firms successfully means you need to stay visible, create a reputation for being the expert or firm in the know and be accessible via the internet. Get booked on radio shows, TV shows and internet news site or sites with major visitor-ship.

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Target the media that is visible to your target market place. Right now, competition for new business is fierce so you have to prove you are number 1. The media’s implied endorsement of you as an expert provides you with a tremendous advantage. No one is throwing money away in business, they are investing in outcomes. What can you bring to their profit table? Show up in the media, showcase yourself as an expert and tell them. Your competitors are using publicity, marketing and promotion to get new clients and you can do this too.

Use your financial resources to build expert status in your field as media placements are as good as gold. Once you land on a big TV show, you can use that credibility builder for many marketing initiatives such as on your website, in your media bio and in your marketing materials and not to mention, bragging rights and name dropping when telling someone about your services.

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How do you get the kind of publicity you need to out-compete everyone else? Lots of radio appearances, lots of TV appearances, quotes in newspapers and magazines and on news sites. You get to show listeners or readers what you know. Although, be sure to stay cutting edge and understand the challenges of your marketplace so your commentary is both insightful and brilliant. Stay out there in the media and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

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Here’s how it can work for you. Let’s say you wanted to hire someone to help you invest your nest egg. Do you start looking in the yellow pages? No, you ask for referrals and you start to notice the leaders in the investment management firm. One day, you see a financial pro on your cities morning show who looks good, well dresses, good appearance on camera and everything he says seems to resonate with how you feel. Hmmmm. Should you give him a call? Of course, to land on that TV show the expert has to jump through quite a few hoops and pass the media’s scrutiny. He must be good or he would not have been invited on the show. Now, the new business is his to loose. If so much is coming through the door and he can’t get back to you, well then, you have to keep looking but he did get the shot at your business.

Find more tips on how you can use the media strategy for business publicity please visit Annie Jennings PR. A good business strategy that uses TV appearances, radio appearances, expert quotes in newspapers, magazines and on the internet is essential to enjoying substantial success in your objectives.

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