A Summary Of Internet And Web Hosting Services

A Summary Of Internet And Web Hosting Services

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Having at least one web page has become very important for many businesses and other organizations. In some cases the web site can be the focus for the entire customer relationship, including sales, inquiries, and everything else. In other cases, the web is a source of information for current and prospective customers. In either case, a web server is needed to support these activities. Organizations can develop and support their own web servers, or they may find it more cost effective to engage a company that provides Internet hosting services.

Most Internet usage fits into the client server view of computing. The client is a computer that each human user has. It creates the user interface and does some application processing. It uses a network to communicate with servers. Servers are shared computers that carry out the portion of the application work not done by the clients. The network used may be the Internet.

This is a good model of how the World Wide Web works. We call the web client a web browser, though the label web client would also be accurate. The Internet is the network that connects the web client to the web server. The owner of a web site may build and operate their own web server. Using an Internet hosting service to support the web server is another option for getting this done.

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Web hosting service providers run the web server or servers for the client’s sites. For brevity, we replace individual or organization with client. Data for the web site comes from the client. Loading it into the web server causes the web site to become active. Many Internet service providers offer this service at no extra charge to their subscribers. One can also find no cost support for web servers.

The free version usually has limitations. In some cases advertisements will be added to the contents of the web pages supported. In almost all cases, there are limits to the storage space and Internet bandwidth for free access. Exceeding these limits will either block access to the web site or force the client into a paid service.

Each client’s web server runs on a separate computer if they subscribe to a dedicated hosting service. A dedicated host will not provide web services for anyone else. With the virtual dedicated option, each client has a dedicated host image, or virtual dedicated host. This is usually cheaper than a real dedicated host. The isolation provided by either of these choices means that a client’s web server can be customized to meet their own unique requirements. There are many other possible ways to structure these kinds of web services.

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Hosting services may also support other kinds of Internet based servers. Email servers are fairly common. They support the routing of email messages between servers, and may provide storage of email messages. Game servers support Internet based multiple player video games.

Any organization or individual with web sites should research the possibilities provided by Internet hosting services. Small organizations may not be able to afford to roll their own. Larger organizations may determine that using these services is more beneficial than the cost, and may make it easier for them to keep up with rapidly changing technology.

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