Liquidweb Review And

Liquidweb Review And

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The past few days I have been banging my head against the wall. My current web host was down again. This was about the sixteenth time this year alone that I have gone down and my new business suffered a daily loss because of my web host. Now, I’m not gonna rat out my previous web host but I do want to share with you what I’ve found along the way during my journey to fixing the issue.

I don’t own a big business. It’s extremely small to say the most on it’s best performing day. But a lot of the customers do eventually purchase on-line. Most customers are from around my area and are always in and out of the shop. I have turned to running a point-of-sale from within my store that is connect to my on-line cart so I can keep all the customers I have in the same database together. However, I have been so frustrated trying to keep my website up and running during the past year because of the poor service from my web hosting service.

So I did a little searching. Along the way I found web hosts that matched up just the same as the one I was currently working with, which was not a viable solution to my problem. Then, I turned to a more expensive search and found that a lot of those were completely out of my price range. Needless to say – I felt hopeless and confused. I don’t have the money to buy a web host service that is considered to be ‘high-quality’ nor do I have the money to waste on a web host solution that was just as poor as the one I was currently on. Then I read the Liquidweb review at web host galore and I found my answer.

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Liquidweb was the company I had been searching for this whole time and I was not even aware of their existence. Liquidweb allowed me to pay a very small monthly amount of eight dollars until my business gets more of a lift from the rising economy. Then I’ll be able to upgrade my current account to a dedicated server where I will be free to have complete control of my own server.

Liquidweb sales staff guided me throughout a whole step-by-step process that required questions about my business and my needs. They found that I have been paying hand over fist for services that I do not even use at all. I was relieve to find that they can customize a plan and a service just for me. And whenever I decide that I need certain feature I can call up their dedicated technical support team to help bail me out.

The support team took my website from my previous web hosting company and put it on my new server within their data center. They never even charged me for that service. Then they made sure that my server was secure from hacking attempts and other malicious hacking methods and installed my Secured Certificates and made my site PCI compliant.

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Now my business is becoming more and more successful in the on-line market and each and every customer is capable of ordering at any time during the day or night. My walk-in customers are able to pay me right on the spot and I am able to access my point-of-sale system and take their order using my e-commerce software.

I owe great gratitude to Liquidweb and to for their Liquidweb review. Because now I feel like a ton of bricks have been lifted from my chest and I am able to breathe again.

Read the complete Liquidweb Review at Web Host Galore offers all types of great information on web hosting companies. Check to see what they’ve found out about the one you use.

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