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Today’s web hosting industry is so diverse and rich in options that a newbie can easily get lost. Many different types of servers, hosting plans and control panels are available in the market. Baifox, cPanel, Direct Admin and InterWorx are some popular panels that you can use to build and manage your site effectively. All these control panels are powerful and efficient but cPanel is the most popular among webmasters because of its superior features.

– If you have limited technical knowledge then installing WordPress or any other script can be very difficult. cPanel comes with a built-in installer that you can use to install the script of your choice with a single click.

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– Every webmaster knows that accurate traffic statistics are needed for proper planning. Most people use third-party services like Google Analytics and StatCounter to track their visitors. However, you can also use cPanel’s analytics module, known as Awstats. The information given is this module is far more detailed than most other options and you don’t need to install any code on your website.

– cPanel’s powerful security features allow you to protect your site from intruders. There are many different modules, each of which addresses a separate security problem. For example the hotlink protection module prevents bandwidth theft, IP banner helps you ban spammers and anti-leeching module protects your site from leechers.

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– cPanel is also capable of handling all your emailing tasks. It comes equipped with a whole range of mailing services including forwarders, spam blockers, auto responders and address book. You can set up multiple email accounts and access your mail directly (without logging into cPanel) by entering the URL in your browser.

In short, cPanel is the best web hosting control panel in the industry. If you want to build a great looking site without spending a lot of time and money then cPanel is the way to go.

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